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Hints On How To Boom Ann Arbor, From A Gentleman Of Experience

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To the Editor : I notice by your paper that the people oL Ann Arbor vote on the matter of raising by taxation $5,000 for the purpose of advertising the town, at an early date. I have had some experienee in booming towns in the west. I would like to make a suggestion to you, viz: That this fund, if raised, be used at home, that is, with the home papers. Illustrate by word and in pictorial form the many advantages of the place in the home papers and send them bro√°dcast over the country. I have used Kansas City, Atchison, St. Joe, and Omaha papers, and while perhaps they pay, yet I find home papera attract more thaa foreign ones. Wichita's boom can be credited to the Eagle, a home paper. The same can be gaid of Kansas City and her papers. I think so much of the effect of home paper advertising, (that in a new town in which I am interested, to the extent of one-third the stock,) that I am starting a new paper with no other object in view than to boom the town. You see one helps the other. While perhaps Wichita made the Eagle, yet the Eagle in a great measure made Wichita. A booming town and a booming newspaper must go hand in hand. Yours truly, Smith's Centre, Kansas.


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