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Do You Know! That of all the pianos in the market, only those made by less than a dozen ínanufacturers have ever been considered, by competent judges, Jirst-class, reliable instrumente. As several scores of firms represent themselves as manufacturera of the best (?) instruments, who in reality do nothing more or less than get the different parts of a piano from as many different makers and put these parts together, hit or miss, it is worth your while to find out before buying whether or not the piano you may have been shown or urged to buy is a first-class, desirable instrument. 1T IS NO LESS A FACT, that more money is made on poor pianos than on good ones ; and therefore an agent who cares not to earn a reputation for himself or instrument, will use every effort to sell the cheapest piano he can buy. Messrs. Haines Bros., of New York, have for years been known as manufacturers of the first rank ; and the upright pianos, which they are manufacturing exclusively, are recommended by all artists as the finest upright piano in the world. I challenge any agent or dealer in the United States to dispute these facts. I ask but one favor of all who contémplate purchasing a piano : Cali and examine these instruments, at my store. They speak for themselves. And I will prove every statement I make regarding them. Cali and see them. The " Square Music Dealer." Also agent for the Famous Estey Organ, and dealer in everything in the music line. Goods sold on easy payraents. Pianos to Rent. LEW H. CLEMENT, 25 S. Fourth-st. The Great Toledo Fair Occurs this year, September 5th to lOth, with 120,000 in Premiums. In addition to the magniflcent exhibit offered by the Fair, whieh includes a big list of special attractions, and a superb lot of races, trotting, pacing and running, there will be a dazzling display of Natural Gas, made by the City, at an expense for arches and stand pipes of $25,000. President Cleveland and the Governors of the three States have been invited and are expected to be present. 059-61 The Palace Grocery, NO. 9 NORTH MAIN ST., FRED $11, PROPRIETOR, Have on hand a Fresh and Complete Stock of Every. thing n the Grocery Line TEAS, COFFEES AND SUGARS In Large Amounts and AT CASE PBIQEBI And can sell at Low Flgnres. The Large Invoice of Teas they Buy and Sell is good proof that in Quality and Fr loes THEY GIVE BARGAINS. Fresh Roasted Coffees every week and none but Prime Articles are used ; Also a Large Line and Fine Assortment of CROCKERY, GLASSWARE & LAMPS. S-i all and See Tliem ! TURNER'SZEPHYR! Heats 3 or more rooms and does not over heat the rooms. It sets in J. SCHUMACKER'S, 68 Sonlli Main-Nl. 6.8165


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