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NUMEROrs FfitES. Omaha, Neb., Sept. 2.- Harry Iiockafellow was burned to death ra a stable at Fremont, Neb., Tuesday nig-ht. Fire broke out iii Baldwin's livery establishment, and in an attempt to save the horses the man lost bis life. Nine animáis pertshed in the flames. Detroit, Mich., Sept 1.- George B. Hall, a farmer of Macoml) County, was burned to death in a lirery-stable tire in this city early yesterday tnorning. Mvkdo'ck, 111., Sept 1.- Murdock & Son's elevator and contente were destroyed by fire yesterday morning, causing a loss oí $12,000. Hukleï, Wis., Sept. 1.- The saw-mill of Kimball & Clark, near bere, was burned yesterday. Loss, .f 100.000., Miuh., Sept '-'.- Terrible forest fires are raging in this vicinity. Immense damage has been done to the standing timber, and thousands of dollars' worth of logs and ties which were hang ap in the stream for want of water to run thein out in the Spring have been destroyed. A large crew of men are flghting the fire two miles south of here. A Btrong wind carrie.d the flames into a lot of iogs and ties owned by Loveless Blakcy, burninsr 80,000 f eet of logs and 4,000 cedar ties, catuslng a loss of $2,000. Over 1,000,000 feet of logs and nearly 25,000 ties are surrounded, and it is doubtful is any will be saved in this section. The prevailing drought is the worst known for years. No rain has fallen since July 4, and the ground is literally parched. A large meadow owned by H. L Koehler, which caughtfiiesix woeks ago, is stiil burnin?. The soil is n rich lAick muck, and holes two and three feet deep have been burned in it All eft'orts to extinguish it have been fruitless. All vegetation is scorched, and potatoes and late crops are a total failure. Spkixgfield, Haas., Sept. 3. - A fire in the Hadsleigh mili in this city yesterday raorning caused a loss of $50.000. Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 4.- A Huntingburg (Ind. ) special reporta that the magnificent abbey and college of St. Meinrad, located at Indian Town, Spencer Couuty, was destroyed by flre Prlday, including a valuable librairy of 15,000 volumes, a large collection of old and very rare coins, and a large museum. The total loss is f ully $200, - 000; no insurauce. The college had just been repaired and renovated for the school term, which was to begin next week. The term will begin on the liHh and wül be held in the former convent at Ferdinand. The college will be rebuilt at once. Pittsbukgh, Pa., Sept. 6.- A flre in the East Liberty Stock Yards Saturday burned all the retail pens, horee-barns and stables. None of the stock was lost. The loss is estimated at $30,000. The fire has caused a renewal of the talk of removing the yards to Wall Station, flfteen miles from the city, on the Pennsylvania railroad. Moktkeal, Can., Sept 5.- At St. Henry, near this city, Moseley'a tannery was borned on Saturday" Loss, $100,000. Pesth, Sept 6.- A terriflc conflagration Is raging in the town of Veszprem, Hungary. Reports rcceived here at a late hour say that 200 houses have been reduced to afthes. Mauston, Wis., Sept 6.- The vülage of Werger, Juneau Connty, was destroyed by fire last week, the flames starting in Beachcr's building. The losers were Wüliam G. Cothrop, E. D. Wightman & Co. , Mr. Arpin and Mr. Belcher. The post-oftiue was also destroyed, with $14 of stamps. The losses aggregnted $21,000. an' 1'iiAj.xisco, Sept. 6. - Adrices recelred here say that the business portion of Calicó villagem Southern California was burned Sunday night Loss between $75,000 and $100,000. New York, Sept C- The Daily Commercial Bulletin' flre record for August shows a total loss in the United States and Canada of $8,317,500, against $13,000,000 in August, 1886. The average August losses for ten years have been about $7,000,000. The total losses for the iirst eight months of 1887 are $85,245,600, against $70,900,000 for the correxponding period tf 1886.


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