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Heavy gales, with many minor marina disasters, are reported on the English coast The collection6 of internal revenue for August in the Peoria (111.) district amount to over $1,300,000. The time for the redeinption of trade dollars has expired. The total amount redeemed is $7,153,000. All the labor organizations in Pittsburgh paraded on Satnrday, lifteen thousand men being in the procession. C. M. Hovey.the well-known horticulturist, dicdat Cambridge. Mass., Friday. He was seventy-seven years of age. Myrtle Watson, tour years old, died at Assumption, 111., on Saturday, from eating poisonous sugar-coated pills. Near Wabash, Ind., on Wednesday two brothers uamcd Darrow were suffocated with damp while digglng a well. C. A. Campbell, an extensive coal dealer at Boston, failed Wednesday for $350,000, with assets estimated at $250,000. A Louisville baker named Peter Schenis being put in jail. cut liis throat and the artery of bis left arm with a tin bucket. The Colorado beetle has been destroyed in Germany by the timely use of exterminants and the active tilling of the fielde. Texas f ever is said to exist in Aclaras, Hancock and Kankakee counties, 111. Quarantines will be established at once. Charles Coleman, a negro charged with rape, was taken from jail at Fleniingsburg, Ky., Saturday, and hanged by a mob. In the six months allowed f or the redemption of trade dollars at New York, 3,402,417 of them were taken at the sub-treasury. With liabilities of $500,000, the Kichmond Paper Company, at Providence, R. I, let its paper go to protest on Friday. Pigman and Perry were acquitted Thursday at Moorehead, Ky., of the murder of Craig Tolliver. Every thing is reported quiet By the upsetting of a coal-oil stove in Cincinñati Friday night Mrs. John Martin and her two-year-old daughter were fatally burned. Prof. S. P. Kelliot, of Biiff aio, N. Y. , was eleeted president of the American Microscópica! Society at its final session at Pittsburgh Friday. Frank Hammond, a married man, shot and killed his parainour, Mrs. Lizzie Tate, a widow, at Cincinnati, Friday, and then killed himself. The report that John Piuskin, the famous English author and critic, had become insane, is denied by the daughter of his publisher in London. An Anstralian wool-broker named John Stairenghi has been arrested in San cisco for forgeries on a llelbourne bank aggregating $75,000. At Latonia Springs, Ky., Monday, Henry C. Tungate was shot and killed by Joseph Carter, whose sister, Mrs. Yarney, Tungate had knocked down. During a row Honda; night in Chicago, Charles H. Wood, a mcmber of the Veteran Pólice Patrol, shot and killed Joe Zenieschek, a saloon-keeper. The Kentucky Furniture Mannfacturing Company, at Louisville, suspended Satnrday with debts of $50,000 and nominal assets of the same amount The superintendent of the Quincy (Ky.) Sunday-school, named James Weeks, was shot dead on Sunday when leaving the church by John Harris. Paris dispatches say that France has accepted England's proposal for the neutralization of the Suez canal and the settlement of the New Hebrides ques.tion. Labor Day was generally observed on Monday in all the great business centers of the country. Parades, picnics, excursions, etc. , were the order oí exercises. Jack Turner, leader of a Kentncky vendetta, was killed on Saturday. He had been a leader for twenty yeais, and numerous mnrders had ljeen charged to him. Judge Valllent, of St. Louis, on Monday rendered a decisión aflirraing the constitutionality oí the law closing saloons and other places of business on Sunday. The Memphis & Little Rock road was sold Thursday under mortgage to Ii K. Dow, of New York, tor $2,800,000. It is said the line will be extended to Dallas, Tex. Eesolntions denouncing the Knights of Labor were introduced and favorably received on Monday at the meeting of the German Catholic Central Union in Chicago. George Mount and James Grady, prominent farmers of Nodaway County, Mo., fought a duel with knives on Fridfty ncar Marysville, and both were fatally wounded. It was reported from Indianapolis on day that 1 b persons lost their II ves in the recent Ohateworth (111.) wreek, and that the actual extent of the calamitj' was concealed. At a trades-union congress held at SwanBea, Wales, a resolution condenming the öovernment for suppressing public meetings in Ireland was passed by a vott of 87 to 7. Switchmen on the Wisconsin Central line are on a strike. They demand flfteen cents a day more than is now being paid. The ofiicers say they will not pay the sum demanded. A distinguished citizen of Bell County, Ky., rejoices in the name of Andy Johnson. He is twenty-three years old, and is credited with five murders, for two oï which he is about to bc tried. The Wisconsin Leather Company, at Milwaukee, the oldest of the kind in the West, yielded to a pressure of judgments Monday and went under. The liabilities are said to be $400,000. E. P. Taylor, ninety-eight years of age, died at South Bend, Ind., Friday. He was one of the three white men who flrst settled in that locality, and was one of the f ounders of South Bend in 1843. The Land Department has restored to public entry the indemnity lands of the At lantic & Pacific road branch from Van Buren, Ark., westward, and also on part of the main line in Missouri. In the past year is Charleston, S. C, over 6,000 earthquake-wrecked buildings have been repaired or rebuilt, and 271 new buildings erected. The money expended in the work amounted to $4,300,000. In Burlington, Ia. , on Sunday night Conrad Dreher, formerly a saloon-keeper, hanged himself. He loet his money by the Prohibition law, and in atteinpting to kill himself then destroyed his eye-sight. Near Lebanon, O. , at two a. m. on Thursday obstractions were fonnd on the railway over which an excursión train of eleven care and 500 passengers was to pass. The object was supposed to be robbery. Nobody was hurt. On Saturday two coal shovelers at Cincinnati, named William Kinney and John Slattery, quarreled over ten cents which one claimed the other owed him, and in less than twenty minutes Slattery was a corpse and Kinney in a felon's cell.


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