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Gastronomic Possibilities

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There is one aspect of the question which is of such extreme importanca that it should have received attention long ago. It is possible to combine vegetable and animal flavors, and thus produce an infinite variety of new flavors. Ido not refer to the combinations made in the kitchen- as in stews and vegetable soups- but to far more subtle and delicious combinations in the living animal. It is well known that many birds and beasts are unpalatable at certain times of the year, owing to the food they eat. On the other hand, it is proved that the canvasback duck, the most delicious morsel known to mortal palate, owes its exquisito aroma entirely to the so called wild celery on which it feeds in the Chesapeake bay; for if the game bird is killed in the state of New York or in New Jersey its flavor is not superior to that of other ducks. Again, the flavor of Congo chickens is described by an African tourist as being of peculiar excellence, and he adds that these chickens are fed almost exclusively on pineapple. Why should not the principie here involved be applied in a systematic manner? Ey rearing poultry and other animáis on food of a special fragrance this quality might be imparted to their meat, and the producers, like certain winegrowers, might make fortunes by securing an international reputation for the excellence of their special "brands." Such original nuances of flavor would not only delight the epicures, but stimulate anew the flagging appetites of invalids, prove a potent weapon in combating the most prevalent of modern disorders- dyspepsia- besides opening a wide field for the exercise of human


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