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"per Acre" Not Always Reliahie

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ï ou icnow tue lellow who hved at the rate of $500,000 a year for ten minutes. He's first cousin to the fellow who lires in the country and values things per acre. Per acre sounds very big, but it is not always reliable. "I once lent a fellow $100 when I was well off," said a friend to me a few days ago, "and he never paid ma back. Well, I am not as rich now as I was then, and it pleased me a week or two ago to meet a man f rom the same district where my debtor lives. 'How is Jones getting on f I asked him. 'Splendidly, splendidlyl' he said. 'I'm glad to hear it,' said I. 'Yes, Jones is making money, doing well. He's making f500 an acre off canary seed.' 'You don't teil me,' I said. It occurred to me that it would not be a bad time to tackle Jones for that $100 he owed me. So I wrote to Jones and congratulated him and asked him incidentally if it would be convenient, etc. I feit quite sure of getting it and I ordered a Buit of clothes on the strength of it. I got a letter from Jones. There wasn't any remittance in it. Ho said it was perfectly true he would bo making $500 an acre off canary seed if he had an acre, but he only had twenty square f eet and that was about as much ashe


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