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Outside The Baseball Grounds

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The most appreciative spectators are those who can't afford to pay to see the game. The more active of them shin up the telegraph poles outside the ground and perch on tho cross trees, getting a fine bird's eye view of the diamond. They know all tho players by sight and watch every point of the game. When a big game is on, the chaps on the telegraph poles wateh and describe it for a mob of youngsters down below. "Say, Jimmy, who's at the bat now?" inquired one of the groundlings. "Koger Connor. He's two strikes and three balls." A yell from the inside causes great excitement among the groundlings, and the man aloft is eagei'ly looked to for au explanation. "That's a dandy. Way over to left field. Go it, Rogerl" shoutsthe man up aloft. "Three bagger, ain't it, Jimmy?" "Bet cberlife. Hi, yil Outside the einders. Kun, Roger, yer gotter run! Whoopl Homerun!" The groundlings who haven't seen it are just as excited as the crowds on the grand stand, and they dance and yell and slap each other on the back. Some of the barelegged little fellows throw handsprings to expresa their


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