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Rules For "mental" Healing

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One of them says : "Remember that every thought that you think will be transferred to the persons thought of if you think long enough and strongenough." This of course surpasses the love powders % that are sold among the colored people and the ignorant, as it is necessary to purchase and admmister them, which is sometimes considerable trouble. The practical directions toattain this power are as f olio ws: "How to 'concéntrate.' 1. Look at an object on the ceiling ten minutes; thiDfc of that oDJect alone. 2. Write a proposition on a sheet of paper, as 'God is the only reality.' Think it for ten minutes with your eyes fixed upon the paper. 3. Begin to think of a subject, and give a dollar to the poor for every time your niind wanders. How to 'subjugate.' Forget yourself , forget the world, forget you have a body, forget you have any business or friends. Empty your mind of its contents. Be a man of one idea. Get out of yourself." The rules for absent treatment are: "1. Seat yourself alone. Let the room b silent. 2. Subjugate your senses to all else but your thought. 3. Fix your thought upon the patiënt. 4. Picture him in your mind. 5. Go through the treatment." "The patiënt may be in three different ways. Ho may be sympathetic; that will help j'ou greatly. He may be apathetic ; that is not so good, but better than the next. He may bo antipathetic, hostile; then say nota word, but silently 'give it to him' till he becomcs less 'cantankerous' and more


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