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HALE'S HONEY is the best Cough Cure, 25, 60c., $L GLENH'S SDLPHUR SOAP heals and beautifies, 25c. GERMÁN CORN REMOVER küls Corns & Bunions, 25c. HILL'S HAIR & WHISKER DYE- Black & Brown, 60c PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minute, 25c. DEAH'S RHEUMATIC PILLS are a sure cure, 50c Not long ago a well-known artist sent to a lady, whom he had met geveral times, one of his best pictures handsomely framed as a souvenir gift. The next day he received a note from the lady in which she thanked hin for the picture, but begged to return the frame, as she made it a rule never to accept anytting valuable as a gift from a gentleman. eygjDocF" BbSSEQ BiTTERS! BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS FOR That Ache in Smal! of Back. Burdock Bloöd" Bitters RELIEVES Weary, Aching Bones. Burdock Blood Bitters CURES Dyspepsia. Dyspepgia. Gents:- I feel it my duty to say rcspecting Burdock Blood Bitters, that it is the best medicine I ever took. I suffered two or threeyear.9 from stomach troubles and dyspepsia,as well as from liver and kidney complaint. I -was not able to attend to my business. My wif e was afflicted in much the same way. We read of your Bitters ia the papers and made up our niinds that we would Iry tiem. The result iSjinywifeandlbegantoimproveatouc!', and 1 am now able to do more hanl work than before in ten years. I, relieved my kidney troubles as well. "We butli wisb, you, the makers of it. Godspcef! JÜSEPH LAKÖON Cheisea, VtA NEW ERA ! he mñ cíe Sal-Muscatelle. The rystallized salts as extracted from grapes and fruit ; a most wonderful product from Nature's laboratory ; the greatest sovereign prepaiatlon ever placed before the American public. Sal-Muscatelle is Nature's own product ; it supplies to the weary system the want of sound, ripe grapes and fruit ; it keeps the blood pure and the bram clear; is a natural blessing to the faggedout and weary, an imperative companion to business men, ladies and children. Have it in your homes, travels, summer resorts and sea-sid cottages. ck fleadashe aid Öypepïa Cbre Prepared by the SAL-MUSCATELLE CO., P. O. Box 3482, New York City ÏOE S-A-LIE BTT H.J. BROWN. Bruggist, ANN ARBOB, - MICH, Farrand, Williams & Co., Wholesale Agts. DETEOIT. CAPTAIN THE HONORABLE ALISTAIR HAY, THIRD BATTALION BLACK WATCH Royal HigMander?s (SECOND SON OF THE EARL OF KINNOÜIX.) DUPPUN CASTLE, PERTH, SCOTLAND. TO THE LIEBIG COMPANY: " I was in a condition of great debility, consequent apon a broken-down stomach, dyspepsia and malaria, eomplicated with kidney lrritation, when my medical attcndant directed me to take yonr incomparable Coca Beef Tonic lts effect was simply marvelous. The power of digestión was quickly restored, the kidney irritaüon vanished and rapid restoration to health followed : "Other preparaüons of Coca had been tried without the slightest effect'' mi csas, mm vsn mi, Professor of Medicine at the Royal UnivcrHty; KmQht of me Royal Austrian Order of the Iron Croim; Knight Commander of the Royal Spanfeh Order of laabella; Knight of the Royal Prutsian Order of the Red Eagle; Chevalier of tht Leaion of Honor, &c, &c, says : "IKBIO CO. S COCA BEEF TOXIC should not be confounded with the horde of trashy cure-alls, It is in no sense of the word a patent remedy. I am thoroughly conversant with lts mode of preparation and know it to be notonly a legitímate pharmaceutical product, but also worthy of the high commendations it has received in all parts of the world. It contains essence of Beeff Coca, Quinine, Iron and Calisaya, which ara dissolved in pure genuine Spanish Imperial Crown Sherry.1' Invaluable to all who are Kun Down, Nervous, Dyspepüc, Bllious, Malarious or afflicted with weai kldneys. Beware of Imltat loiis. Ssr lúúú Farorite Cosm&tic GlTttriit Used by Her Eoyal Highness the Prinoe o .' Wales and nobüjty. For the Skin, Complexión Eruptions, Chapping, Koughness. Sl.OO. Oí druggiste. ÜTEBIO tü.'S ui .line Sjrnp of Sar annrllla is guaran teed as the Dest Sarsaparllla lnuiemarket N.Y. Depot 38 JHnrray-at.


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