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Circuit court will convene the first Tuesday in October. The B. & O. telegraph office has a telephone, No. 116. A. D. Seyler has had a píate front put n bis store this week. Herman Armbruster won a $20 target at a shooting tournament in Detroit, Sunday. Alvina W. Baker was granted a divorce from Alfred Baker, in circuit court, last Friday. H. J. Brown has improved the appearance of his store by putting a handsome decoration on the ceiling. At the executive session of the council, Monday evening, E. B. Gidley was elected a member of the pólice forcé. A warrant has been issued lor the arrest of the woman who was engaged in the recent Sunday row on N. Main-st. The county clerk wants all marriage returns handed to him on or before the twenty-sixth of the present month. Talk about your Oscar Wilds ! N. G. Gates has a sunflower stalk growing in his yard on which there are 35 blossoms. The Washtenaw Fuel Gas Company will hold a meeting next Tuesday eveniag to take further steps in regard to boring for gas W. E. Blackburn has moved his tonsorial parlors to the second floor over J. T. Jacobs' store, where he invites his customers. Itis intimated that there will soon be a vacancy in the corps of teachers in the High school. Prof. L. D. Wines has a new bicycle. Gov. Luce hasnamed H. D. Platt as ore of the delegates from Michigan to the Farmers' Congress, to be held in Chicago in November. At a meeting of the National Hay Fever Association of Petoskey, a few days ago, R. Waterman, of this city, was elected vice-president. Miss Emma E. Sabin, a teacher in the Fourth ward school last year, was married at her home in Memphis, Tennessee, last "Wednesday, to Mr. Mark Crocker, of Mt Clemens. The joint excursión given to Detroit Wednesday, by the Masons and Odd Fellows, was not a financial succes?, but every person who went reports having had aa excellent time. Eugene Spoehr, of this city, has gone tö Aiton, Minn., to study for the ministry in the Lutheran Church. About thirty of his friends were down to the M. C. depot Thursday evening to see him off. A Mr. Caffey, of Douglas, Wyoming Territory is in the city with a fine lot of horses, which he proposes to give away to the highest bidders at his auction sale next Saturday, at Olp's livery stables. A freight train on the Michigan Central, going west, ran into another west bound freight, which was standing on the main track, about twenty rods east of the passenger depot, Wednesday morning, badly wrecking the engine, tender, four cara and a caboose. Passenger trains were delayed a eouple of hours, and the loss amounted tofour or five thousand dollars. H. Woodward, cf this city, is general agt for eastern Michigan, of the Empire Harvesting Machinery Co. of Akron, Ohio. He will exhibit at the state fair, and wishes his Ann Arbor friends to cali at his tent. A very interesting game of base ball was played on the fair grounds Wednesday afternoon, between the Browns and a club from Adrián. The score stood 13 to 6 in favor of the Browns. Lewis and Boolh were the battery for the home club. Charles Lohrke is the possessor of a loving wife, three children and a violent appetite for liquor. Tuesday he got on one of his sprees, and as a consequence shamefully abused his wife. Charles will be tried in Justice Frueauff's court, the 28tb, for assault and battery. J. E. Wyman, of Detroit, who owns an interest in the skating riDk property in this city, proposes to establish a market in the building, with a suitable number of stalls for all who should want to rent one, providing the council will pass an ordinance that will protect him in doing bo. The statement in an esteemed contemporary, last week, that E. S. Crawford had sold his interest in the Saturday Telegram, was without any foundation whatever. The Telegram is one of the brightest papers -in the Saginaw Valley, and we predict that it has a long lease of life. During the month of August t';e mail carriers delivered 26,470 mail letters, 5,744 mail postal cards, 1,276 drop letters, 669 drop postal cards and 19,887 papers. For the same month they collected 19,13 1 letters, 4,9G8 postal cards, and 1,057 papers. The total receipts at the office, for the same period, for stamps, postal cards, etc, were $1,001.66, and for envelopes, wrappers, etc, $224 27 The Students' Christian Association desires to compile a list of boarding places and rooms, for the aid of students seeking such. All who have rooms to rent will find it to their advantage to send a notice of the fact to the chairman of the committee, Geo. A. Brown, care of 23 Thompson-st., stating losation and number of rooms, price, and whether furnished or unfurnished. The Sunday Free Pres?, in speaking of the personntl of the Carleton Opera Company, pays an Ann Arbor boy the following compliment : " Another member of the company is the Michigan tenor, Jay C. Taylor, who is looking aa brown as the traditional berry after his summer full of rest and comfort on his farm near Ann Arbor. Mr. Carleton promises that the public ehall hear good reports of this modest tenor during the season." The marriage law recently issued in pamphlet form by the Secretary of State, provides that no man 6hall marry his mother, grandmother, daughter, grand-daugbter, stepmother, grandfather's wife, wife's mother, wife's grandmother, wife's daughter, grand-daughter, nor his sister, brother'g daughter, sister's daughter, father's sister, or mother's sister. They further provide that no woman shall marry her father, grandfather, son, grandsoo, stepfather, grandmother's husband, husband's father, husband's grandfather, husband's son, husband's grandson, nor her brother's son, father's brother or mother's brother. The annual meeting of the soldiers and sailors of south-eastern Michigan at Adrián last week is said to have been one of the most successful ones ever held by the association. Capt. Manly, of this city, who was in command of the camp, and Capt. Allen, of Ypsilanti. treasurer of the association, received high compliments from the press for their courteous manner and efficiënt work. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year : president, B. F. Graves, Adrián; vice president, Gus. F. Smitb, Jonesville; secretary, Mr. Delvin, Jackson; treasurer, E. P. Allen, Ypsilanti ; the only ehange was in secretary. Capt. Manly would have been made presidect, but he positively declined. The Sanitary News uses the following terse language concerning the establishment of a hygienic laboratory ia the U. of M.: "The establishment of a laboratory of hygiëne at the University of Michigan marks an advance in sanitary science which is very gratifying. Several medical colleges have recognized the importance of studying hygiëne in connection with medicine, and have established lectureships in hygiëne, but no institution of learning in the United States has before deemed it necessary to establish a hygienic laboratory. That such a magnificent university as that maintained by the state of Michigan should be the first to take this step, augurs well for the future. Prof. Víctor C. Vaughan, a well-known scientist, has been appointed director of the laboratory." Nothing affects the appearance of a street or highway more than the growth of obnoxious weeds, and it is the duty of highway commissioners to cause tbem to be cut down twice each year. Section eight of the Michigan statutes defining the duties of the overseers of highways, which is section 1,419 of Howell's annotated statutes, page 414, contains the following clause : " Every overseer shall cause the obnoxious weeds within the limita of the highway withinhis district to be cut down and destroyed twice a year, once before the first day of July, and again before the first day of September, and the requisite work shall be considered highway work. Any overseer who shall refuse or neglect to perform the duties required by this section shall be Hable to a fine of $5." August Tessmer is a lad of only 20 summers, but he is as well versed in the art of winning the affection of the feminine sex as one twice his year?. He has reoently become attached to a short-haired maiden, who wears a little creamcolored boy"s hat. He was not content with the sweet words of love he poured into the young girl's ears seven nights in the week, but wanted to give her a present. Now, August has a mortal fear of work, and consequently his pockets are not lined with shekels. He had no money and couldn't get trusted, but his girl had to have the present ; consequently, to meet the emergency, on Saturday evening he presented an order to a well known dry goods hou -e on Main-st, ing his father's signature, which stated that the firm mentioned should let the boy have what he wanted, as he wished to make his mother a birthday present. All went well while he bought a dress and a few trinkets, but when he asked for a corset and some underwear the olerk's suspicion was aroused. A boy was dispatched to see Mr. Tessmer, senior, who at once pronounced the order a fogery. In the meantime the lad had completed his purchases, amounting to $13.59, and made his way to the home of his lady-love. A warrant was issued for his arrest, but subsequently the boy's mother fixed matters up and no further legal action was taken.


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