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Sorg's Shortage

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For several months past the city treasurer, Albert Sorg, has not madehis regular monthly statement to the council as the city charter prescribes, which created a suspicion, with those aware of the way in which he had been transaeting the affaire of his office, that something was wrong. When his term of office expired and he was re-elected, no statement of the condition of the city finances was made by him. For some reason the finance committee did not examine his books - though a resolution was passed by the council at the May meeting instructing them to do .so, until about two weeks ago the committee employed an accountant to make a careful examination of the books. Friday night he completed his work and reported to the finance committee that the books were all straight, but that there was not as much cash in the bank to the city's credit as the books called for. There should have been in the bank on the first of September, $6,811.22, and as there was only $133.13 deposited, there was of course A DEFICIENCV OF $0,678.09. About $1,100 of this deficiency was made since his first term of office expired. Inasmuch as Mr. Sorg's bondsmen went on the bonds when he was elected last year, and have not qualified since his reelection this year, an impression seems to prevail that they will not be liable for the latter amount ; but Mr. Kinne, the city attorney, gives it as his opinión that they are liable to the city for the entire shortage. As soon as Air. Sarg's bondsmen, nine in number, were notified of the state of affairs, they at once secured from him an assignment of his stock of goods and book accounts to secure them against loss. Mr. Sorg also gave the city a chattel mortgage on his goods to secure it for the amount over which there seems to be some question es to who is liable. The bondsmen are some of our best men, who would not be embarrassed if they lost the whole amount ; but the stock of goods and the book accounts are coLsidered ampie to cover their liabilities. Mr. Sorg appropriated the money to his own use, with the intention of replacing it as fast as city orders were presented for pajment, but the " day of reckoning" had come and he found he was not able to meet his expectations. AN EXECÜTIVE SESSION. The common council in executive session, Monday evening, received the resignation of Mr. Sorg, as city treasurer, and tabled it, and then removed him from office. Bugene Beal was unanimously elected to the ofhce made vacant, and nis bond fixed in the sum of $80,000. Aid. Wines ofFered the following resolution, which was carried : Resolved, That Mr. Albert Sorg, late city treasurer, ia hereby instructed to pay over to the city treasurer, after he has qualified, the sum of $6,678.09, the balance of city money remaining in his hands on the first of September, as shown by the accountant'e report to the finance committee. Also, all books, papers and documents belonging to the city and now in his possession. Aid. Wines also offered the following, which was carried : Resolved, That the city attorney take the neceseary steps to recover from the bondsmen of Albert Sorg, as city treasurer, any moneys which still remain in his hands and for which they are responsible as his sureties. The matter has been the general topic of conversation on the streets since the facts were made known. No one believes that Mr. Sorg intended any act of dishonesty, but that he was very indiecreet in using money intrusted to his keeping. The council, and especially the finance committee, are severely critizised for their negligence ia not requiring a statement every month, as the charter provides


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