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Martin & Company, at 26 East Washington-st., received two large ice boxea last week for their oysters, fish and butter. They were manufactured by the Belding Manufacturing Co., Ionia, Mich. They keep a dandy place, and don't you forget it. ttive them a cali. lw Special sale of Boys' and Ohildren's Suits at Wm. W. Douglas & Co.'s, commencing Saturday, Aug. 13. Every árdele at cost. 659 Money to loan On first class and first mortgage Real Estáte. Apply to S. H. Douglass. S. H. DoüGLAS8, 1. W. Hunt, Trustees. Ann Arbor, Dec. 1886. 628tf. Don't forget the auction sale of Wyoming horses at Geo. Olp's livery stable, on Saturday, Sept. iOth at 2 o'clock. Fortyeight head of nice young horses from three to five years oíd. I Olfer sonie Extra bargains in Pianos and Organs to close out a certain line of goods. tf Alvin Wilsey. Scbool Notlce. Parties buying school books will do well to cali on Sheehan & Co., the State-st. book-sellers. Big bargains in second-hand books. Fresh fish, oysters, poultry, etc., at Martin & Company's, 26 East Washington-st. Open Sunday?, from 9 to 10 a. m., and Sunday afternoins you can telephone for your oysters from 1 to 2 p. m. Choice butter in store. Don't forget the place. Mothers should be sure and cali at Wm. W. Douglas & Co.'s during the coming week and get one of their fine Children's Suits, which they will offer at exact coet. 659 Saturday morning Wm. W. Douglas & Co. will offer their entire 8tock of Boys' and Children's Clothing t exact cost. This sale will continue one week only. 659 Itch of every kind cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. Use no other. This never fails. Sold by H. J Brown, druggist, Ann Arbor, Mich ; Synek & Co., Manchester, Mich. 674 lires IK lint.'. Ladies wishing to perfect themselves in the art of Dress-making, will have an opportunity, as Prof. Livingston's Frenen system of Dress Cutting is being taught at 95 E. Huron-st., where one may learn to Cut, Baste and Drape a garment, which will not require alteration, also to copy fashion plates. Patterus cut to measure, waists cut and basted. Lessons day and evening. L. M. Foley, 95 East Huron-st. Farm For Sale. Having grown fruit for forty years, with much pleaaure and a fair margin of profit, I find that increasing years bring decreasing strengtb, and not being able to be with my men as a person should who conducta a general fruit farm, I propose to sell one or both of my places to some young person who has not been so much worn by the fatigue of labor and business. The home orchard consista of about 2SJ acres, lying nearly 200 feet above the Huron river, with good air and water drainage, and has planted on it 4,500 peach trees of the best varieties, from the earliest to the Iatest; 450 apple trees of the best varieties, mostly Baldwina ; 200 plum of about 20 kind?, mostly of best American varieties; 150 quince of foui best kinds; 125 pear, chiefly Bartlett; 800 grape vines, principally of Coneord and Wyoming, but a small number each of 12 or 15 other good varieties. There are about four acres blackberries and raspberries, consisting of Snyder, Taylors Prolific, Cuthbert, Gregg and early Ohio. The orchard is surrounded by a well-kept honey locust hedge and the low places underdrained. Upon the place are two cottages - one story and-a-half houae, cannmg house, peach house, frost-proof house, ice house and three sheds. The other place is in the western part of the city, consisting of 12 acres of very choice land and planted about one-half to Snyder blackberries, the other to G-regg raspberries, with 450 peach trees among the blackberries. I offer ako my dwelling house, pleasantly located on three lot?, planted to pears and plums. The whole premises are in good order and will be kept so while I own them. Many years ago the home farm was laid out in blocks and lots, several of which were sold and built upon, but the sale was stopped when it was fonnd that peach-growing could be carried on to profit on this high rolling land. Both these places can be divided so that a peraon can purchase much less than the whole of either place. Correspondence is solicited with persons living abroad and wishing to come here and edúcate their children, as I did forty years ago. I shall be pleased to show any person the place, while the growing fruit is on the trees and vines, who may wish to purchase. Prices will be made reasonable and terms of payment easy. J. D. Baldwin. Ann Arbob, Aug. 1887. 62-64 An Ordinance. An ordinance relative to the property of the Telephone and Telegraph Construction Company, of the Ann Arbor Thompson Heuston Electric Company, of the Edison Light Company, and of any telegraph company doing business in the city of Ann Arbor. Section I. Be it ordained by the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the city of Ann Arbor, that no person, association, Corporation or company shall post, paint, impress or in any way affix to any pole connected with siid system, or any box, wire or other appliance connected therewith, any placard.sign, notice or announcement of any kind, or cut, mutílate, alter, mar, deface cover, obstruct, or connect, or interfere with the same in any manner whatever, or paint, or cause to be painted, the poles of any other telegraph, or any other poles on the line thereof, of a similar color or colors, or in imitation thereof. Section II. Any violation of the provisions of this ordinance shall be punished by a fine not exceeding twenty-iive dollars, and the coste of prosecution . Section III. This ordinance shall take effect from and after due legal publication. „__ WILLARD B. SMITH, GEO. H. POND, Mayor. Recorder. Ann Arbor, Sept., 6, 1887. 663-4 ïu The Great English PretcHptlon r WMCar(!B Weakness. Soermatnrrhpn.. OT SiJr Emissions, Impotency and all Dis-Mf Tff éSsS eases caused by self-abuse or to-jTSsy Ji dlscretion. One packaere $1, six 85.Sk [bbforb] By mail. Write for Pamphlet. Ufteb] Bnreka Cbemleal Co., Detroit, lUicJb. ira ons, BL&CZ Dress Goods OPENING SALE AT D. F. Schairer's. We open the FALL SBASON WI'I'II OVER 200 PIECES Ml; Dress Boods IN THE CHOICEST SHADES, I ncludlng all tbe U ew effect In Stripes, Checks, Plaids, Plush and Velvet Combinations for Street and House wear. New 36-inch Etamines, Ohecks, Plaids and Stripes at 35c, worth 50c. Foule Serges, Fancy Freach Mixtures, Mosaic Checks, French Cashmeres and Tricots, new Sbades and Blacks, 36 and 40 inches wide, at 50c a yard. Norwich Diagonale, Checks, Stripes, Plaids, Whip Cords, Sebastopol Cloth, Rough Twills, Surah Twills, Beatrice Suitings and French Foules, 44 to 52 inches wide, at 75c, and 85o per yard. Trimmings, Braids and Buttons. The largest and flnest stook ever ahown in this city. Elegant Satin Rhadames, New Shades at $1 a yard. Rich, Black Satin Rhadames, all Silk at 75c $1 and $1,25 a yard. Black and Oolored Faille Fraacaises at $1.25 a yard. New Fall Cloth Jackets, for Ladies and Miases, now open at $3, $3.50, $4 and $5. This collection of early Fall Goods will prove instructive and entertaining. All are invited. D. F. SOHAIREB.


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