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One of the most interesting announcements of the Ootober Magazines is an article by General Lord Wolseley for the Forum, upon the reign of Queen Victoria, her wisdom and prudence as a sovereign, her amiable qualities as a woman. The signiflcance of the dread sentence of Bxcommui ication in the Roman Catholic Church, will be explained in the Forum tor Ootober by the Rev. Porfessor Huiginn, whose acquaintance with the Canon La.w gives him special fitness for the task. "The Savagery of Boyhood " is the striking title of an ipstructive article by John Johnson, Jr., to be published in the " Popular vScience Monthly " for Ootober, in wnich the author points out that, since a boy's development is an epitome oL the development of the human race, he naturally passes through a stage when cruelty is so characteristic that a tender-hearted boy must be deemed diseased. The Housekeeper for Ootober will contain a fuil account of the wedding of the manageress of the paper, in the Minneapolis, Minn., Kxpcsiüon, on the eveuing of September 28, together with accurate descriptions and illustrations the participants' wedding dresses and presentí. A copy of this isue will be mailed free to any of our lady readers sending their addre.-s to The Buckeye Pub. Co., Minneapolie, ifmn. The Octuber Harper's will contain a suite of Abbey's exquisite illustraüons to aa oíd bailad by George Wither, called " A Love Song." The quaint poem is not found in ordiaary colleciions. It begins: " I lov'd alasse, a faire one, As faire as e'er was seene: She was, indeed, a rare one, Another Sheba queene ; But, foole, as then I was, I thought she lov'd me too : But, now, alasse ! sh'as left me, Falero, Uro, loo." To the thnteen stanzas there are nine charming illustrations, one of which will appear as the frontispiece. North's Philadelphia Musical Journal for September, is without exception the best number that hss ever been issued during the career of this most excellent of musical journaR Among its contents is a fice portrait and biographical tketch of Herr Msurits Leefcon, a musician who recently located in this country, and is probably the greates' pianist in America. The price of the Journal is only f 1 00 a year. Single copy 10 cents. Published by F. A. North & Co., 1308 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, who announce that every subscriber to their publication receives $2.00 worth of music selected from their extensive list as a premium, in addition to sixteen pages of music which appear in every issue. The Journal should be in every hoaie where music is admired. The IíIving Age : The numbers of The Living Age for September lOth and 17th contain Political Aseassination, Edinburgh; Prehistorie Surgery, Westminister ; A Parson Poet, Church Quarterly ; Painting the Scapegoat, Contemporary; The Mystical Side of Wordsworth, National; At Little Gidding, Toussaint L'Overture, and Francia Jeffrey, Macmillan ; Frenen Society Ninety Years Ago, Temple Bar; Thomas Webster, R. A., by Lady Westlake, Murray's ; The Mystical Side of Good Sense and the Curiosities of " Spent" Laws, Spectator; Prisoners of War, Chambers ; Some Etymological Curioe, All The Year Round, etc. For fifty-two numbers of sixty-four large pages each (or more than 3,300 pages a year) the subscription price ($8) is low ; while for $10.50 the publishers offer to send any one of the American $4.00 monthlies or weeklies with The Living Age, for s year, both postpaid. Littell & Co., Boston, are the publishers.


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