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X. W. Wilcox, of Milan, will start a brickyard at Ashley. Wm. Mandlin, of Pittsfield.has killed 143 woodchucks since April lst. Who can beat it ? The name of East Milan postoffice has been changed to Azalia, to conform to the name of the railroad station. The firm of Früs & Minnett Bros., proprietore of the Saline roller milis, has dissolved partnership, John Minnett retiring. W. S. Drury, of Bridgewater, has accepted a position with the American Express Co., at Jackson, and will move there immediately. The onion erop around Saline proniises a good yield this season, and the growersfeelsomewhat compensated for last season's poor erop. The price ranges from 75c to $1.00 perbushel. A. M. Callis. of Milan, has sold out and is going west. H. M. Burt has rented the store, and will move his goods from the Blackmer store, this week, where he will have more room. C. M. Fellows, of Sharon, took first premium on 2-year-old ram, first on yearling ewes, second on Essex sow, and first on pair of bronze turkeys, at the tri-state fair at Toledo last week. Dexter Leader : Married in Dexter, Sept. 14th, by Rev. C. A. Clark, Wm. M. Ferguson, of Putnam, and Sarah Judson, of Lyndon. Also, at the same time. Frank E. Ferguson, of Putnam, and Ella Daley, of Unadilla. The storm of the 6th did considerable damage in the town of Dexter, assuming the aspect of a hurricane, blowing down trees and prostrating corn, both in the shock and in the hill, and doing serious damage to the fruit. T. Sutherland, of Saline, has burned over his huckleberry mars to destroy the bushes of that wild fruit. He considered it more of an injury than a benefit, on atvonnt of people running over his crops to get to the marsh. Saline Observer : Wm. Pease sowed six bushels of the White Australian wheat on three acres of his Pittsfied farm, last fall, and has just thrashed the yield therefrom, 125 bushels. Nearly 42 bushels per acre is not bad. Pease is the Bohemian fiend. Perry Mills, an old resident of Lyndon, while chopping in the woods ïasi week, by the glance of an ax completely severed one of the main bones of his leg below the knee ; and broke the other one in two. The unfortunate man is doing as well as could be expected under the circumstances. " AsThomas'Jackson, anelderly gentleman of Augusta, was going up the Tuttle hill, about three miles east of Ypsilanti, last Wednesday, with a load of wheat, his team backed off the bank where it wassome twenty-five feet high, Mr. Jackson falling with the load. He was picked up and carried home, and it is reported that his injuries are likely to prove fatal. Saline Observer: Rev. Benton delivered his farewell remarks, last Sunday evening, after his usual sermón. He has been the pastor of the M. E. church for three years, and under the rules of the conference can remain no longer. Mr. Benton has given complete satisfaction during his pastorate, and leaves many friends, whose best wishes for his welfare will go with him to his new appointnient. Dexter Leader : As fine a lot of lambs as it bas been our lot to behold, were shipped from this place last Mondajr. They were of the Cotswold and Shropshire breeds - 300 in number - and purchased in the vicinty of Dexter, by Charles Warner, for a gentleman near Toledo. Any one doubting that the farmers of oíd Washtenaw can raise fine sheep, would have had their doubts dispersed if they had eeen this drove of lambs.


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