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Ton will never regret sending three 2-cent stampa to pay postege, to A. P. Orway & Co., Boston, Mass., for a cnpy of Dr. Kaufoianu'i Great Medical Work; 100 pages, colored illustrations of great valué to every family. The trouble with a great rnany editors is that they don't think one-half as much as they rite. FOR DYSPEPSIA and Liver Complaint, you have a printed guarantee on every botile of Shilüh's Vitalizer. Ii never fails to cure. Sold by Eberbach & Son. If you want to get a good idea of tumultuous inotion, you want to watch the agitation of the bustles oí two women dancing a hop waltz. Judge of a government by the men it produces. Judge of a man by his deeds, a tree by its fruits, a medicii.e by its results. Time tried and true is Dr. Bigelow's Positive Cure, which contains tbe good qualitie8 of all the best cough remedies without the defects of any of them. A safe and epeedy remedy for coughs, colds and all throat and lung troubles. Sold by Eberbach & Son, in fifty cent and dollar bottles. Healing to the lungs. Safe and plea-ant for children. Chiuamen in our eastern cities are so frequenüy stoned by the hoodlums that they can never be prevailed upon to sing "Rock Me to Sleep." "Helio, got a new sled, haven't yer?" shouted Charlie to bis chubby neighbor across the street. "Yer bet I have," and he yanked the drag rope till the sled passed in front of him in ïull view. "Where'd ye get it, on Chapel street?" "Na-aw, they only throw in string and a piece of court S laster there ; I got this sled on State street, where ïey throw in a Pomeroy's Pe roline Poroused Piaster, which is so good for Lame Back, Kheumatism, etc." "That ain't much, it only costs 25 cents at any druggists." "It don't cost much, yer bet, butit'swonn it'sweightin gold." Charlie had had a íled before, and knew just what was needed. For Sale by II. J. Brown, District Agent or Ann Arbor. A reporter states that the pay of circus clowns range from twenty dollars to fifty dollars per week. It is always pleasant to learn somsthing, by many it nas been supposed that clowns were wealthy lunatics, who piid the circus manager a certain sum of money, to be allowed to enter the ring, and make fools of themselves, by ppringing old moss-covered chestnuts on a sufering public 2v oVro " e. Blood Elixir is the only TVW Tí Blood Remedy guaranteed. It is a positive cure for Ulcers, Eruptions or Syphi) itic Poisoning. It purifies the whole system, and banishes all Rheumatio and Neuralgic pains. We guarantee it. John Moore, Druggist. "Yps; I shall break the engagement," she s-aid, folding her arms and looking deSant ; "it is really too much trouble to converse with him; he's as deaf as a post, and talks like he had a mouthful of mush. Besides, the way he hawks and spits is disgusting." "Don't break the engagement ior that ; teil him to take Dr. Sage's Cattarh R-unedy. It will cure him completely." 'Well, 111 teil him I do hate to break it off, for in all other respects he's quite too ciarmicg." Of course, it cured his catarrh.


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