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Credit ia due the Germán womer. and physicians for first using red clover blosoms as a medicine. Best results are obtained when combined with other medicinal roots and herbs, as in Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic, which is the best knowa remedy for all blood diseases, stomach and liver troubles, pimples, costiveness, bad breath, piles, agüe and malaria diseases, indigestión, loss oL appetite, low spirits, headitohp and Ml diseases of the kidneys. Price 5u -..-its, of Eberbach & Son. An unpopular "fall" resort - a banana peel on the sidewalk. SHILOH'S CüRE will immdiateiy relieve Croup, Whooping Cough, and Bronchitis. Sold by Eberbach and Son. The first steps of love are found ia the admiring stares of the young couple. TO THE LADIES ! If you are afflicted with rheumatlsm, neuralgia, nervous exhaustion, dyspepsia, or with diseases of the liver, kidneys, headaehe or cold feet, swollen or week ankles, or swollen feet, an Abdominal Belt and a pair of Magnetic Foot Batteries have no superior in the releif and cure of all these complaints. They carry a powerful magnetic force to the seat of the desease. For lame back, weakness of the spine, falling of the womb, leueorrhosa. chronie inflammation and ulceration of the womb, incidental hemorrhage of flooding, painful, suppressed and irregular menstruation.barrenness, and change of lire, thisis the Best Appliance and Curative Agent Known. Price of Supporter with Magnetic Foot Batteries. $10. fc'ent by express C. O. D., a:i.i examination allowed, or by mail on receipt of price, and if not found satisfactory ever. after six months trial they can be returned and money refunded. In ordering, send measure of waist and size of shoe. They are worn over the uuderclothing. They hold tneir poioer foreoer. Send for the " New Department In Medical Treatment Without Medicine." with thousands of testimoniáis. Send for circulara. Write us full particulars as regards your difficulties- orders direct. THE MAO3ÏETIC APPLIASCE CO., 134 Dcarborn St., Cblcngo, 111. The editor who saw a lady making for the only seat in the car found himself "crowded oat to make room for more interestin" matter." Wild Horses Need no Blankets. Why? Because they inhabit warm countries, where pasture is always plenty. In a northern climate a Blanket is as mucA needed as hay and grain. To be healthy and strong, a horse must be kept warm. Ask your dealer to show you the following styles of 5 a Horse Blankets, which retail from $1.50 to $3.50: 5a Five Mile, Í sA Six Mile."' f. s á Little Giant. IA VA B0SS Stab'e" ƒ A 5A f. Kersey. gÊk V 5 A Electric. W X.5ANo. 306. Therc are many other styles. If these don't Buit you, ask to see them. ASfRCNG BLUJKET IS fflADE LlKE f=lG. 2. . Fig.l --fv . F'B-2 SKow:WvauKErE Wn&onW Vi : 1 DO ffoTWlnWui.yWiiJBlETSWllLWEnWlu. Ho-f enouohWahp' PlexiV op Waüp "[HRCADS. SÊS T"103' If you Want Strenghh looK, for thisXradeïK.; None genuine without this 5A Trade Mark sewed on the inside of the Blanket. [Copyrightcd 1887.]


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