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"Two Boheinians are seated in a cabaret : "Gareon, ome water," cries one of them. "Home water," exclaims the other. "Why, what will you d: with it?" "Drink it." "You mint have lost your head, old man. Why, when you onlv get your feet wet you catch cold. Think of the consequenees of getting it into your stomach!" THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ mTRÜTHSFORTHESÍCK.n III "Torthóseeát5íívrTí!SSTÍín)áíS II III Bílious Spellsdepend for a case where III IHonSüLPHURBlTTEBS PHUR BITTERS WÍ11II UI it will cure you. not assist or cure. It] ra t, ...A.„H.t,nevCTfails. CT Ithat tired and allgone cieanse the vitiated Fl feeling; if so, use blood when you seelll Sulphür Bittebs; ts impurities bnratlll it will cure yon. [nethrough the ekinlll m!ü!!!T!u!!!Tm!T InPimples, Blotches,!)! „dSESSaSía "ÍS &d „si Qthe milis and ípShÍTES,'Q I shops; clerks.who do " "eaJtn wlu I01"l not procure 8uflBcient ,111 exercise, and all who sulphdb Bitteks I II areconfinedindoors, wlll cnTe uverCom-HI ??oUaSeLPmin Don't bediB. plghe'abeInd aged;ltwUlcureM ItoVuoneN-SlVgllI atism, use a bottle ol inafjou strongandlll Sülphüb Bitters; healtny. III It uever falla to cure. SülphurBittbbs m Don't be without a wlll make your blood p SH bottle. Try it; you pure, nch and strong.M if 111 not regret it. andyourfleshhardljl Hl in ililicatc Try Sri.PHrírííí7 lllhe.ilth, who are all rEKS to-night, and III Illrundown, ehoulduse you will sleep welllll III -in mi u üirTKriM. nMfHliitrfortrU Do you want the best Medical Work published? Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordwat & Co., Boston, Mass., and receive a copy, free. New Advertisemeiits THOS. MILLER & SONS' Fall& Winter Catalogue OF LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN' FURNISHING GOODS Will be ready Sept. lOth. Sent free on aplicatlon. THOS. MILLER & SONS, (tli Ave., cor. 22d ., M-: W ÏOItK. asa J-'ur Uiliousnes, QMf It cnols the ütood ; lt glves sSSSpSÊSSBl It sharpens up the ajipeIS3SeSs3S It aids the liver do lts part #A" WK7 And stlmulates the ieeblo 5(j SF ForSlck Headaehr, UNIQUE ELECTRIO BURGLAR ALARM and OALL BELL System Combined. Can be put by any one in ten minutes. As practical and effective as if your whole house was equipped. Apparatus, together with full dlrections and diagrams. sent complete at the low price of Five Dollars. This is no toy. We are selllng thousards of them all over the country. Write for particulars. ÜK1TED ELECT2I0AL CO'USTSTJCHO and SÜ?PLY 00., 9 Lifayett Avenue, Brooklyn, H. 7. irtTTÖ Tï A WP maI 1 rnna on me at Geo. ArLlö JrilirJCiiSi p. RoweU&Co'sNewspaper AdvertisinR Bureau ( 10?P:e SJ. VwhereadverflBlng - itrac3 wux be made tor it 191 HEW ÏOBK. fitok PENNYROYAL WAFERS ■5 Are suceessfully usl mntlily by over 10,mo BBO,I,nlips. Are Safe, Kffectual and Pltaxant.$l MTL Tper box by maif, or at druggists. Sealed ParW tu-ulnrs 2 pistase stamps. Address r The EfREKA Chemical Compaxt, ilsher Block, 131' Woodward ave., Detroit, Mich. TANSY GAPSULËÖ 8 ÍES LATEST DISCOVEKY. W Dr. Iiaparle'a Celebrated Preparatton, Safe and Always Reliable. Indispensable to LAJJIJCS. Send 4 cents for Sealed Circular. CALUMET CHEMICAL CO., Chicago. ■


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