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Bflttcm. Lace and Concress Rhor, AsK yotir ret.ilter frtt the JAMES MEASS 4 SHOÏS or the JAMKS MEAS 83 SHOE.accordingtoyourneeds. l'ositively none genuine uuless our stamp appears plainly on the soles. JAMES MEANS S4 SHOE Wül not wear ao long as the JAMES MEANS $3 SHOE, Because it is made for men whose occnpations are such ai lead them to cali for a lighter and more dressy shoe than the JAMES MEANS 3 SHOE. Our t3 Shoe has established for itself a permanent reputation for comfort and durability such as no other shoe has everfcnown in the history of the trade. No competitors are able to approacn it. The James Means S4 Shoe is ljght and styllsh, and it is as durable as any shae of its weight ever manufactured We confidently assert that in every vital reepect the James MeanB 84 Shoe is equal to the hand-sewed slioes which have hitherto been retailed at $ 6 or 1 It haa a Donnola top and seamless calf vamp. It has a perfectly smooth bottom inside. It flts like a ütocking. andreqnirea no "breakinsr in." being perfectlyeasytheflrsttimeitisworn. .... „,.. James Means and Oo.'s Shoes were the flrst in thia country to beextensively advertised. If you have been disanpointed in other advertised Shoes, your expenence cmght to teach you that it is safer to buy shoes made by the leaders of a system, rather than those made by tna fnllowers. These shoes are sold by the best retailera throughout the United States, and we -will place then easily within your reach, iu any State or Temtory, lf you will send us a postal card. The doctor and the letter-carrier ar not talkinjt bout . case of acriou. illness. Th.y hay. sirapiy .uper.od worlc to discusa tho nierita of their ahoes. The letterra"ier.-l Jame Mean. 3 Shoe is th, best in the world. The doctor denies it, and aay that the Jame Minus J4 Shoe is better. Consideráis tilo uecill vi eaull, art; buth riglit. 41 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass. I,. GRl'XER, Solé Ageut for Ann Arbor.


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