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It is well known that when the doors of the University were thrown open to women, and it was announced to the public that they were to enjoy equal advantages with men, the movement was regarded in many quarters as an innovation upon established usages and would prove a failure. Institutions in the older states were particularly severe in their criticisms, while their prophecies were far from being complimentary. It was actually demonstrated in some learned journals that it was entirely impracticable and would soon come to grief. But it bas long since ceased to be an experiment, and all predictions have proved failures. Women have been admitted to all departments, and have enjoyed the highest advantages afforded them at Ann Arbor. They have proved themselves capable of the most severe mental discipline, and in some studies have carried off the laurels of scholarship. After graduation they have secured positions as teachers in long established and well endowed institutions, filling their places with credit to themselves and with honor to the University. The word that now comes to us is, that Miss Lucy Salmón, a gradúate of the University eleven years ago, has been elected to the presidency of the leading female institution at the east, Wellesley College, and is to succeed another gradúate whose loss is greatly lamented. This is most encouraging on the part of those who have the management of educational affairs in our state. And it is very complimentary to us, that when an educator of rare ability is sought after for one of the most noted institutions of our land, the proper one to fill the place can only be found among our University graduates. This is a good beginning for the year which opens within a short time, and it cannot fail to be another stimulus for each student to do his best with the large advantages afforded him at this centre of learning.


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