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Sorg's Bondsmen Relieved

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The oouncil held a special meeting Monday evening, the object of which, the Mayor stated, was to establish the grade on the east side of S. Main-st, between Waghington-st. and Liberty-st. After considerable discussion pro and con the grade of the sidewalk as adopted at the last meeting was changed, on motion of Aid. Wines. Aid. Wines also moved that the city engineer, together with the chairman of the sidewalk committee,!ítake a 'level of all the stores on S. Main-st, betsveen Washington and Liberty-sts, ud establish a grade satisfaetory to all. Carried. Mr. A. L. Noble then brought up the matter of the electric light bill, and sho wed that he was doing his] best to secure poles of suffioient height to suit the demands of the council. After this business had been disposed of the Mayor stated that the gcouncil would go into executive session, and requested everybody in the room to vacate, reportere and all. However, they very kindly (?) permitted the following ceedings to be made public; for which we are indebted to Recorder Pond. The financial affaire of the city came under discussion, and upon the advice of City Attorney Kinne, the following resolution was offered by Aid. Wines: Resolved, That on payment into the Savings Bv,anK tó'116 credit of the city of Ann Arbor by the bondsmen of Albert Sor?, of the sum of S4 448 99, within 4S hours, that saïd bondsmen be discnarged from further liability on said bond The ayes and naya being called for resulted: Ayes- Aids. Sutherland, Martin, Neithammer, Hammond, Wines and Mavor Soaith- G. ' Nays- Aids. Allmendinger, Herz, and the Recorder. A motion was made and carried allowing Manager Sawyer to repair the sidewalk in front of the opera house; and a resolution instructing the marshal to notify the Alpha Delta Phi house owners to repair their walk on Madison-st by having an extra plank laid thereon at once, was also adopted. The city attorney, to whom the matter of the title of the city to Second-st, between William and Jefferson-sts, was referred, made the following report, which was ordered placed on file: In the matter ef opening of Second streel South : On the original plat, I flnd that Second street was la id out to lts intersection with Allen's Creek.which wouldbe fourteen (14) rods eouth from William street: and no further. More than thirty years ago, when the land now owned by Luther James, was deeded to him, It was deedeil subject to the street on the East side of nis land but in 1864, Wm. Maynard, who still held the title to the streets, deeded the land covered by the so called street, to Philip Bach. Under this seal Mr. Bach took posaession, ereeted new fences and íor more than twenty years has been in me actual possession of the space marked as a street. I do not find that the city ever accepted the street or ever did any work upon the same I am therefore of the opinión that the city has no rights whatever to said alleged street south of the southern line of the "cul de sac" or southern boundary of the lands of J. M. Schuh which is eight rods south of William street.


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