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The Detroit gram and producá quotations are: tt'heat- No. 1 White, T8(á JWo; No. : Rod, Flour-Roller process, 3.78@400; patents. $4.25(34.50. Corn- No. 2, 44&C. Oats- No. 2, },ic. Butter-Crcamery, ■U.rM'.Jc. Cheese, 18H1"0Eggs, L6l"c. The big sohooner David Dows, which was reported lost with all hatirts in Lako Superior, arrived safely at Maruette a few days ago. The State Business Men' Assoeiation at its recent meeting at Flint elected the follow:ngoffloer: l'rcsiient. Frank Hamilton, of Traverse City; Virc-l'residents, Paul P. Morgan, Of Monrce. and S. Lamfrom, of Owosso; Treusur;r, L. W. Bprague, of (irjenville. Henry W. Perry, of Bi? RapiJs, was found dead in bed at Lanc City the other night. Bay Connty has purchased the Tuscola plank road tor i2,5Ü). The recent heavy fall of rain extinguished the forest flros in Cheboygan County. The Indiana & Lake Michigan road ha given a mortfjage for ÍSOO,ÜJO to secure its bonds, and will be built at once. The Nineteenth Michigan Infantry held a reunión reoently at the house of Captain A. Russell, in Girard, Branch County, withllO members present. The Grand Commandery of the Colored Knights Templar at their recent session in Grand Rapu's eleoted officers as follows: Grand Commander, James F. Bickards, Detroit; Deputy Grand Commander, J. H. Weaver, Chatham, Ont. ; Generalissimo, James C. Craig, Grand Ripids; CiptalnGeneral, J. W. Wilson, Detroit; Prelate, J J. Wilmore, Chatham, Ont ; Senior Warden, J. J. Adams, Grand Rapids; Junior WarJen, Theodors Finny, Detroit; Treasurer, .mes H. Colé, Detroit; Recorder, T. F. Carey, Detroit. A flre a few nights ago at Sault Ste. Marie destroyed the Odd Fellows Hall and seirously damaged Newell's boot ani shoa store, C.idy's law offloe, Dr. Floyd's office, the Board "of Trade saloon and Emery & Pendeli's sporting house. Two horses were cremated in the barns. The total loss was estimated at tlO,OUO. Elbert, step-son of F. ft. Ueming, 01 Muskegon, on arriving home from hunting recenüy saw his sitting in a rocking-chair, holding a pat dog in her lap. Supposing his gun was unloaded he pretended to shoot her, when the gun went off, kiiling the dog, but luckily missing the girl. The September erop report of the Secretary of State places the total yield of wheat in the State at 22,062,549 bushels. John Landers was instantly killed by a fall of stoue in the Jackson mine the other morning near Houghton, and J. Lucas was killed at the Cambria mine by a premature explosión. The Railway Mail Service Mutual Benefit Associaüon held its thirteenth annual session at Detroit recently, with 133 members in attendance. Andrew Miller, of Miller Bros.' saw-mill, and a prominent citizen of Bay City, was caught by a revolving shaf t at the mili a few days ago, around which he was whirled and stripped of his clothes. His injuries ware probably fatal. Tha Michigan Lake Shore peach erop is said to be Uie finest and largest of raany years. The organizaron of the Business Mens1 Protective Association in Ishpeming is being perfected. Mrs. Nancy Vaughan, sister of Postmaster Bartlett, of Charlotte, was killed by the cars at Reed City the other night. While a blast was being fired at the South Jackson mine near Negaunee the other day soma timbers that were supporting the roof of the mine were loosened, andalarge quanti'y of rock and timber feil, instantly kihing Thcmas Smdercock. Four others heard the crackling of the timbers and escaped with but slight injuries. Sandercock lsaves a wife and three chiUren in England. Veterans of the Mexican warto the nuiber of twenty-six out of the two hundred who aro enrolled in the State met in Detroit recently in raunion. Amorg those present were men who werj with General Taylor froin the time he left Point Isabel and others who were with General Scott throughout nis share of the war, commencing with his landing at Vera Cruz in 1847. The foUowing offlcers were elected: President, Colonol Andrew T. McRjynolds, Grand Ripids; Vioe-Presi lent, E. W. Simpson, Detroit; Secretary and Treasurer, N. B. Rowley, Detroit. Reports to the State Board of Health by fifty-two observers in different parts of the State for the week ended on the lOth indicated that neuralgia, inflammation of. the bowels, consumption of the lungs, typho-malarial fever and diarrhea increased, and cholera infantum, intermittent fever, diphtheria and remittent fever deoreased in area ofprevalence. Diphtheria was reported at eighteen places, scarlet lever at n ine, ty phoid f ever at twenty-three and measles at two places. George Julián, a riverman, was drowned the other afternoon in the nver near Oscoda. Itwas supposed the strong wind blew him trom the logs into the water. Captain Searles, of the barge J. A. Smith, ashore near Chetoygan, was crushed to death the other day. The J. A. Smith and the Anglo-Saxon, which vere ashore at the same place, had been abandoned. Georgi Berryman, a mining captain at the Hamilton shaft, naar Iron Mountain, wasknocked trom a bu kjt the other af ternoon by a falling cross-hcad as he was coming up the shaft. He feil one hundred feet and was killed. John Kendall, aged sixty-four years, an oíd ana wealthy resident of Grand Rapids, wasfound dead in bed the other morning. Heart-disease was the cause. The announcement of the conflrmation of the death sentence of the Chicago Anarohists was hailed with cheers on the Board of Trade in Detroit. Martin Kiopelle, residing with his paren ta near Delray, Wayno County, met with a painful accident tho other afternoon while picking apples. He feil a distance of about twelve ieet and broke both arms. An attompt was made early the other morning to blow up with dynamite a phctographic gallery in East Tawas. The only damage to property that resulted was the breaking of several windows. Ayoung lady was injured by the shock. Tvvo freight trains on the Chicago & Grand Trunk road colüded the other day thrje miles west oí Charlotte. Both engines and ten cars were totally wrecked, and a dozen other cars and large quantities of freight were greatly damaged. The loss was estimated at Í3J.0Ü0. One fireman was severely injured. Early the other morning burglars enbered the stora occupied by W illiam Giltaer, druggist, and D. W. Clark, jeweler, at Grass Lako, Jackson County, and blew open a safe which contained $130 in cash and about tl, 500 wortt) of gold watches and ewelry, and made taelr escape with the plund .:r. Job Hendrie, a war veteran, aged sixtyüve years, took rat poison aui died n Detroit a few days ago.


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