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Among the begging letters recently received at the oflSoe oL a benevolent society waa one running thus : "This unfortunate young man ia the only son of a widow who died childless, and his earnings maintain his father and infant brothers, whose whole support he is." The secretary oL the bureau wrote on the margin of the epistle the foltowing note : "The circumstancesof this case are evidently exaggerated." SHILOH'S CATARRH REMEDY-a positive cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria and Canker Mouth. Sold by Bberbach & Son. Mistaking the door young Mr. Cipher walked into the dentist's office instead of the doctor's. "Doctor," he groaned, "I'm in bad shape. My head aches all the time and I can't do anything with it." "Yes, yes," said Dr. Toothaker, cheerfully '"I see ; big cavity in it ; must be hoüow ; you'll need to have it filled." And seeing his mistake young Cipher apologized and went out and told it all around as a capital joke on the dentist. HALE'S HONEY is the best Cough Cure, 25, 5Oc., $1 GLENN'S SDLPHUR SOAP heals and beautifies, 26c. GERMÁN CORN REMOVER kills Corns & Bunions, 25c. HILL'S HAIR & WHISKER DYE- Black & Brown, 60c PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minute, 25c. DEAN'S RHEUMATIC P1LLS are a sure cure, 60c Justice Field, of the United States Supreme Court, thinks the división of California into two States is sure to occur. In that oase the lower half can cali itself Boomifornia. " HACKMETACK," a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by Eberbach & Son. The San José boom is still as active as ever, and another rid is expected to be made on the free lunches of that city next Saturday by the excursionista who are preparaing to take advantage of the special train. Give Ttaeni A Chance ! That is to say, your lungs. Also all your breathing machinery. Very. wonderful machinery it is. Not only the larger air-passages, but the thousands of Tittle tubes and cavities leading from them. When these are clogged and choked with matter which ought not to be there, your lungs cannot half do their work. And what they do, they cannot do well. Cali it cold, cough.croup, pneumonía, cattarh, consumption or any of the family of throat and nose and head and lung obstructions, all are bad. All ought to be eotten rid of. There is just one sure way to get rid of them. That is to take Boschee's Germán Syrup, which any druggist will sell you at 75 cents a bottle. Even if everything else has failed you, you may depend upon this for certain. Mistress (severely)- "I have made the fire and cooked the breakfast!" New servant - "We)l, mum, you needn't wa;.t Lor me. After this, sit down and ate whin yez git ready." THE RBV. GEO. H. THA.YER, cf Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consumption Cure." Sold by Eberbaoh & Son. 'I don't see how you can get so much news iato your paper," said the village clergyman to' the village editor, "seeing that you have do local reporter." "Oh! that's easily explained," replied the editor. "My wife belongs to three sewing societies in the village, and she has an excellent memory." X fljT vnv vv Of tne god things of tliis vWVXXvv life are sorrowfully let alone on account of Dyspepsia. Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure Dyspepsia, Indigestión and Constipation; sold on a positive guarantee at 35 and 50 cents, by John Moork, Druggist One of the unsolved problems of modern civilization is how to get rid of the tramp. REPORT OP THE UONDITION OF THE AnnArbor Savings Bank AT ANN ARBOR, MICH., ON MONDAY, July4th, A. D., 1887. MADE In Accordance lili Sections 18,19 and 67 of the Ueneral Banking Lsws as Amended In 1871. RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts I 316,512 11 Bonds and Mortgages 209,240 85 Overdrafts 28S 21 Furniture and Fixtures 1,930 85 Due from National and State Banks.... 49,910 57 Cashonhand 29,839 36 t 607,721 95 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock 50,000 00 Surplus Fund 50,000 00 Profit and Loss 25,181 07 July. Dividend 2,675 00 Duetepositors 479,865 88 8 607,721 95 I do solemnly ewear that the above statement ís true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. CHAS. E. HISCOCK, Cashier. Subscrlbed and sworn to before me, this 5th day of July, 1887. ( 3 ADAM D. SEYLER, Notary Public. LADIES, GENTLEMEN, AND STUDENTS! The rent Engllsh Prescrlption wlll restore that lost Vitality and a Ruggeil, Healthy Condition follow its use. Buy at your druegixt's, one package, $1 ; six for $5. II ICKIiA (illilIKAI, CO., 1)1 'I'WIIT. H1CII. "_ Ferest City Bird Store, V JB estiihlished 1872. SingtBIBM frjf rota. Bird Cages, Puro VjTíjiC Seed, gong Bestorer, I , Vtm Insect Cure, Fishins í3f Tackle, Bird Books. k Poultry SupplieB, Goi.l ■W' Fish, Dogs & their Medicines. Ferrets, Bird's Eyes. S. H. WILSON, 349 Superior at., Cleveland, Ohio.


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