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Senator Dawos, of Mnssachusetts, is 70 yearsof age. It is said that one day recently Mr. Blaine's mail nombered 1,030 letters. Col. Lamont will remain in McGrawville until the raiddle of September. Governor Proetor Knott thinks of becoming a Louisville newspaper man. Hon. Daniel Dougherty, of Philadelphia, writes tliat he is having a capital time in Paris. Dr. Curry, United States minister to Spain, Is at White Sulphur Springs. He will return to Madrid this month. Kaki, the Japanese -minister at Washington, is not a convert to Christianity, but has had his chlldren baptized. The poet Wbittier and the poet Stedman recently spent the day together at the latter's summer home in New Hampshire. General William Raymond Leo, a West Point veteran, lives, hale and hearty, in West Roxbury, Mass., at the age of 80. Cardinal Gibbons will pronounce the closing prayer and benedietion at the eonstitutional centennial celebration, Philadelphia, Sept. 17. General Albert Pike is very fond of birds and bas in hisstudydozensof them in cages - mocking birds, canaries, robins, blue birds and others. Congressman John T. Wait, of Connecticut, reached h s 76th birtbday last week. He has been a member of the Norwich bar for flfty-one years. Yon Phon Lee, Yale '87, who recently married an American lady of New Haren, has accepteda position on the editorial staff of The New Haven Register. Col. Thomas E. Rose, who oranized the famous escape from the Libby prison in 1804, by whieh forty-nine Union soldiers regained tbeir freedom, is at Cape May. Wil ford Woodruff, the new head of the Mormon church, is 80 years of age, and has always been a man of mediocre ability. He bas been in hiding two years and is still out of sight to all save the faithful. Rev. Dr. Morrison, of the First church, Atlanta, Ga., is said to be the coming exhorter of the country. His sermons are perfect groupings of the English lauguage and his delivery is the acme of f rankness. Bishop Beckwith, of Georgia, is a prince among the biack bass catchers of the country. He is a member of the famous Pelee club. Gen. Phil Sheridan, Judge Gresham and Robert T. Lincoln are also members. It is announced that the Rev. Dr. Justin D. Falto, who recently began a crusado against Romamsm, is about to settle down in Los Angeles, Cal., where a "people's temple," or gomething of tbe sort, is to be built for him. Benjamin F. Butler is the iatest public man to send an ofïering to the East Aurora (N. Y.) fair. Ho has forwarded a dozen silver spoons to the eommittee, to be presented to tho young woman who enters the bonds of mctrimony on the opening day of the fair. Er-Senator Bruce, of Mississippi, has been ïecfcuring for a year. "He entered the lecture field," says The New York Freeman (negro organ),"ona suggestion of the late Henry Ward Beecher. He found the work very congenial, and his success has been all that he and his friends could have desired." Norman L. Jlunro, the wealthy publisher, is not more thau 43 years of age. He has a. pretty wife, an interesting family, lands, liouses, boats, and, above all, good health. He is a dark haired man, with ruddy complexión, gray eyes, tall figure, inclined to stoutness, and a nervous, active manner. Many people will be surprised to learn that E. Berry Wall, "the king of the dudes," is a very good all around athlete. He can walk a mile iu seven minutes, and his biceps are as well developed as his legs. It would be well if all the dudes should nttempt to rival their king in muscular development as they try to copy him in dress. Senator Butler, of South Carolina, opposed the interstate commeree bill in the last congress, but in the next he says he will introduce an amendment to the law, providing for the protection of Uves of traveler. He would make it a penal offense for any company to require of any train employé more than ten or twel ve consecuti ve hours of work. Francis H. Underwood, United States consul at Glasgovr, Scotland, is one of the successes of our present diplomatic regime. He was appointed by President Cleveland in 1885. Before ha had been in Scotland more than a year the Glasgow university eonferred upon Mm the degreo of LL. D. Dr. Underwood is a member of the Massachusetts bar, and a writer of force and ability. Harold Knox-Hunt, the English reviewer and art ciitic now visiting this country, write8 to The London Guardian that in his opinión the Rev. Dr. Frank L. Norton of St. Stephen's chureh, Lynn, Mass., is the best type of American pulpit orator. Dr. Norton's delivery is simple, earnest und eflfective. Says Mr. Knox-Hunt: "His enunciation is so good that his lotvcst tones aro audible to the remotest corner, nnd his illustrations, which seem ineshaustiblo, are ike parables." Dr. Norton is probably thj wealthiest clergyman in America.


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