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The Curious In Life

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Sam Cason, of Dooley county, Ga., is 7 f eet 2 inches high. Novato, Cal., bas two stores, three saloons, one boarding house, a telephono office, a court room, dancing hall, laundry, blacksmith shop and joES house. A one-armed man in Salom. Ore., lately applied for a divorce on the ground that the hand he had given his wife in marriage was lost, and that the contract was theref ore void. The bicycle law of Oregon requii-es bicycle riders to stop 100 yards f rom any parson goiug in the opposite direction with a team, and remam stationary until the team has passed. A Tucson, Arlz., restaurant advertises to give for dinner chicken soup, roast mutton, turkey and pig, with mushroom sauce, chicken fricassee, boiled ham, oyster patties, jelly rolls, lemon pie, ice cream and cake and a glass of claret, all for 26 cents. A TVisconsin farmer, who used thirty-fiVe balls of twine on his harvester, bought only threo balls tit a time and rode six miles to get them. Some one had told him that twine would be certain to drop a cent a ball, and he wanted the advantage of the decrease. Julián P. Mills, of Saranac, Mich., was arrested and flned for drunkenness, and his sweetheart bioke off her engagement with him. He claims th arrest was unjust, and has brought suit against the towu for $30,000 damages for the alienation of the girl's affections. John Koods, a Saginaw city barber, with eight otliers of hls family, was sold as a slare thirtysir year ago m Virginia. Each was bought by a separat person, and they wars taken to bondage in different directions. Binco that time John has heard nothing of his mother until recently, when he learned in an indirect manner that she was still living at Hinton, W. Va. He has just started south to ■ee if he can fiad his mother.


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