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Queen Victoria is writing another book, but what about nobody knovvs. The phenomenal violin player of Canada is Miss Edith Littlehale, of Hamilton, Ont. Mrs. Mackay bas been pemraded by Lady Burdett-Coutts to join the in a plan for the assistance of London's starving poor. Miss Marcia Mnrin, daughter of the late Bishop E. M. Marvin, has been appointed matron in the Mission school at Piracicaba, Brazil. Mrs. Edith Kingdon Gould cut upa $10,000 point d'Alencon flounce that once belonged to the Empress Eugenie to trim her baby's clothes. Mrs. James G. Blaine, Jr., is one of the most enthusiastic of photographic amateurs, and her flovver pictures form a collection worth examining. A testimonial concert to Miss Sara Jewett was gien last week by a number of fine musicians at Clifton Springs, where she has been spending the summer. Signora Verdi, wife of "II Trovatore," is a very charitable woman. She is now putting up a splendid hospital at Busseto, which she and Verdi wil! endow. A sister of the late "Jim" Pisk is at Saratoga. She is the wife of Col. Hooker, of Bennington, Vt., and is possessed of many charms of person and intellect. Queen Marie, of Hanover, broke her arm last week at the Duke of Cumberland's villa at Pinsing, near Vienna, through falling on the highly polished floor of the picture gallery. Miss Mary Grant, an English sculptor of considerable reputation and a niece of a former president of the Royal academy, is on a. visit to this country, and is now In Boston. She has made a bust of Queen Victoria. Miss Celeste Stauffer, of Orleans, is one of the leaders of out of door sports at Newport. Her taste in dress is superb, and Samuel Tilden left her enough money to enable her to gratify her tastes in any direction. Mi-s. Gen. Logan has been in Chicago arranging for the building of the monument which is to commemorate her husband's patriotism. She a;so looked after the general's book. Mrs. Logan will reside tn Washington. The empress of Austria has a kind heart. While she was at Cromer this summer a fisherman was drowned there. She went to his cottage alone, broke the news as tenderly s possible to the widow. and left her a purse containing $2,000. Mrs. Cleveland is a lady of fortune as well as a fortĂșnate lady. Congressman McShane, of Nebraska, is authority for the statement that the present valuation of the Omaha property in which the president's wife ad her mother have each an eighth interest is 8800,000. One of the greatest characters of London society is Maria, Dowager Marchioness of Aylesbury. She is an oetogenarian, very cccentric and sarcastie, but, despite great poverty, a favorite in the grandest houses. Many of the English papers don't hesitate to refer toheras "Old Maria." Ida Lewis Wilson still keeps the old boat in which she has saved thirteen people, and, shabby as it looks, she uses it, and says if she were again to have the opportunity to rescue the drowning she'd take the old boat rather than the handsome new one presentad her by the citizens of Newport.


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