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thousands suffering from Asthma, Consump...

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thousands suffering from Asthma, Consumption, Coughs, etc. Did you ever try Acker's English Hemedy? It 3 the best preparation known for all Lung Troubles Bold on a positive guarantee at 10c, 50c John Moore, Druggist. Boston Man (to New Yorker)- "Fow Ion? have you been We?" Xew Yorker - "Couple o' days." Boston Man- "What have vou been doing with yonrself?' New Yorker (wearily)- "Payiog four dollars a day for board. " QNSHPATICTr There Í3 no medium through wMcls disease so often attacks the system as by Constipation, and there is m other UI flesh is heir to,more apt to ba neglected, from the fact material inconvenience may not be immediat8ly feit from irregular action of the boweb. When there is not regular action, tha ratantion of decayed and effete matter, with its poisonous gases, sooq poisona the whole system by being absorbed luto it, causing piles, flstnla, headache, impure blood and many other serious affections BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS ÍS immediately relieve, and one bottle positively cure or relieve any case of Constipation. "Was troubled for a year with íorpid liver and indigestión, and after trying everything imaginable, nsed BÜRDOCK BLOOD BITTERS. The flrst bottle revived me and the second curedme entirely."- J.s.Wüliamson Bochester, N. Y. A NEW ERA ï' i Din m. Sal-Iuscatelle. The nrystallized salts as extracted from and fruit; a most wonderful product frora fiat ure's laboratory ; the greatest sovereign prepaiatlon ever placed before the American public. Sal-Muscatelle is Nature's own product; itsupplies to the weary system the want of sound ripe grapes and fruit; it keeps the blood pure and the brainclear; is a natural blessing to the fagedout and weary, an imperattve companion to business men, ladies and children. Have it ia your homes, travels, summer resorts and se; cottages. ick -Headache ajid Öygpepia Cu f Prepared by the SAL-MUSCATELLE CO., P. O. Box 3482, New Tork City TOE S-IiB: B"2" EJ.BROWN Druggist, ANN ARBOR, - MIOH. Farranil, Williams & Co, WnolesaleAïto. DETEOIT. CAPTAIN THE HONORABLE ALISTAIR HAY, THIRD BATTALION BLACK WATCh Eoyal Highlander's (SECOND SON OF THE EAEL OF KINNOULL.. DÜPPLIN CASTLE, i PERTH, SCOTLAND. $ TO THE LIEBIG COMPANY: " I was In a condiüon of great debility, coneeqnent upon a broken-down stom ach, dyspepsit and malaria, complicated with kiduey irritaüoo, when my medical attendant directed me to take youi incomparable Coca Beef Tonic. lts effect was simply marvelous. The power of digesüot. was quiekly restored, the kidney irritation van ishedand rapid restoration to health followed: "Other preparations of Coca had been triad without the slightest effect'1 FMP, CHAS, LUDWB VON Wil Prof essor of Medicine at the Eoyal Unlverstty; Knight of the Royal Austrian Order of the Iron Croum; Knight Commanderof the Royal SpanUh Order of Isabella; Knight of the Royal Prugsian Order of the Red Eagle; Chevalier of the Legión of Honor, Ac, &c, says : " LI KIS [O CO. 8 COCA BEEF TOXIt should not be confounded with the horde oí trash y cure-alls, It is in no sense of the word ft patent remedy. I am thoroughly conversant with lts mode of preparation and know it to be notonljr a legitímate pharmaceutical product, but also worthy of the high commendations it has reoelT6L in all parts of the world. It contalns essence ol Beef, Coca, Qulnlne, Iron and Calisaya, which ars dissolved In pure genuine Spanísh Imperial Crown Sherry." Invaluable to all who are Run Down, Nervons Dyspeptic, Bilious, Malarious or afflicted wltt weak kldneys. Beware of Imi titt Ion. Ser Ifaiestv's Favorito Coisetie HlrtsriB Used by Her Royal Highness the Princes of Wales and nobility. For the Skin, Complexión Eruptions, Chapping, Roughness. 91.00. Oí drugglsta. I.1KHHJ CO.'S GeBdlne j-rnp of Nar. Raparilli U guaran teed as the Dest SarsaparUJa in the market. JN'. Y. ix-poi :JS nnrriij.!


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