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Marriage Bells

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In Ann Arbor, at the residence of the bride's aunt, Mrs. J. J. Ellis, Sept. 21st, 1887, Miss Ella Gay, of this city, to Dr_ Philo Hul!, class of '87, of Clayton, Mich. Theceremony was perl'ormed at 12 o'clock m., by Rev. H. D. Allen, of Hanover, assisted by Dr. Haskell, of this city, only a few near friends being present. After an elegant repast the bridal party left by the afternooa express for their new home. The presents were numerous and 'oeautifoL Ring softly, marriage bells ; For 'tis a sacred time and God lookg down With smilingbencdietion. ïfercies crown With joys replete This hour so sweet. Ring softly, marriage bells. Hushed be, sweet marriage bells ; We hear the echo of a far off feast 'Tis Galilean bells. Oh ! Eoyal Guest, Who showed thy power, Draw near this hour. Hushed be, sweet marriage belle. Joyfully ring, ye bells ; For whom God joins together, heart to heart,- Oh, heavenly seal- no man must dare to part. Linked by God's love ; VVedded above. Joyfully ring, ye bells. Peal strong and clear, ye bells. Peal richly to his heart who, leaving all, Cleaveth to her, or weal or v, oe belall, Or calin or stotm, To shield her form. Peal strong and elear, ye bells. Ring sweetly, bells, oh ! bells ; Ring to her heart thy cadenee rich and rare ; Thou could'st not chime for one more pure and fair. By night or day Chime melody. Ring sweetly, bells, oh ! bells. Ring, bells, through all the years, The coming years, thick curtained from our view. God's will be done : we know that God is true. His mightupholds; His love enfolds. Ring, bells, through all thejears. Ring welcome, Heaven's bells ; When faintly steals the sound thro' deepening gloom, 01' earth bells' chimes, peal forth and ring them home. Ye gates, wide swing ; Their sheaves they bring. Ring welcome, Heaven's bells. (M. D.) At the residence of the bride's parents, ia the township of Ypsilanti, September 21st, by Rev. 8. D. Breed, of Ann Arbor, Pusey W. Moore, of Ann Arbor, and Miss Ida C. Darling, of Yppilanti. No cards. Glen V. Mills, of Boyne City, and Miss Emma Cole, of Ann Arbor town, were married Wednesday, by Rev. Dr. Ramsay. Wm. Greve, of this city, and [iss Anna R. Danner, of Northfield, were married at the residence of the bride's parents, Tuesday, by Rev. Richard Plueddemann.


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