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Itch of every kind cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. Use no other. This never fails. Sold by H. J Brown, druggist, Ann Arbor, Mich ; Synek & Co., Manchester, Mich. 674 A. L. Noble is showing the Fall blocks in Dunlap hats. 664-5 Save half your money and buy secondhand school books at Sheehan & Co.'s bookstore on State-st. Saturday morning Wm. W. Douglas & Co. will offer their entire stock of Boys' and Children's Clothing t exact cost. This sale will continue one week only. 659 A. L. Noble is ehowing the Fall blocks in Dunlap hats. 664 5 Iteclnclioii in the Price of Gas. Frora and after October lst, next, the price of gaa charged by the Ann Arbor Gas Light Co. to all consumere who burn 5,000 cubic feet and upwards, will be $2 per 1,000 feet net., or $2.20 if bill is not paid until after the tenth of the month ; and to consumera who burn less than 5,000 feet, the price will be $2.25 per 1,000 feet, or $2.50 if bill is not paid until after the tenth of the month. As shown by the official returns of twenty-three companies in the state of Michigan, these prices are as low or lower thac any companies in the state, except Ditroit and Grand Rapids, where facilities exist for obtaining coal at a greatly reduced price. In case any consumer may have any question as to the accuracy of his metre, the metre will be tested and its accuraey determined by apparatus vouched for by Prof. M E. Cooley. S. H. Douglas, 664 5 President. REUBEN H. KEMPF, IXSTRUCTOR IN HARMONY, PIANO AND ORGAN PLAYING. The Stuttgart, Lebert and Stark system of Piano-forte playing. Tüition- per quarter of 20 lessons $15.00. Scholars may enter any time. The begining of their Quarter, commences with the flrst lesson they take. No deduction can be made for absence of lessons, except in case of illness. Room and Residence, 57 S. Main, PCPI1S OF 1887: Allen, Miss Marian Ann Arbor. Allen, Mr. Frank ' Andrews, Mr. Cari Dexter April, Mr. Adolp Ann Arbor! Boienger, Miss England Beek, Miss Minnie Ann Arbor. Buchanan, Miss Lizzie Dexter Blaess, Mr. Albert Ann Arbor! Breakey, Miss May " Condón, Miss Lydia " Craig, Miss Louie " Cheever, Miss Nellie _. " Dean, Miss Lizzie " Dorheim, Miss Ruth " DeFrieze, Miss HeUn '■ Drake, Miss Minnie ' Dunlap, Miss May Whitmore Lake. Eberbach, Miss Emily Ann Arbor Eberbach, Miss Ottilie Earp MissCornelia " Frothingham, Miss Anna " Frothingham, Mr. Willie " Frenen, Miss Ouida Reedsburg, Wis. Frothingham, Miss Mary Ann Arbor George, Miss Nellie Goodell, Miss Myrta " Gwinner, Miss Emma " Halier, Miss Kate " Koch, Miss Flora Laubengayer, Miss Olga " Luick, Miss Olive Luick, Mr. Oscar " Morse, Miss Jennie Chelsea. Phelps, Miss Clara Dexter, Root, Miss Allice Ann Arbor. Robinson, Miss Cora " Root, Miss Mignon " Sage, Miss Mattie Saline. Southmayd, Miss Lulu Ann Arbor Seabolt, Mr. Martin Schlotterbcck, Mr. Julius " Taylor, Miss Sarah Waterman, Miss Margareth ..... Detroit Walsh, Miss Teresa Ann Arbor Whitlark, Mra " Wagner, Miss Kate " GRAND OPERA HOUSET POSITIVELY ONE NIGHT ONLY. Saturday, Sept. 24th. First appearance in thiscity, of the Great Comedian, MR. ED HANFORD, And His Excellent Company in PARTNERS IN CRIME, Don't fail to hear Mr. Hanford sing his new songs, " Saddle Back," Girls Don't Be An Old Maid," "Never, Never, No More," JJSTJD OTHERS! ADMISSION, 35, 50 and 75 Cis. No extra charge for reserved seata now on sale at Wahr's Book Store. GRAND OPERA HOUSE TUESDAY, Sept. 27, '87, BOSTON IDEAL, linde Tom's CABIN CO. Don't Fail to See Fitzpatrick, the World-Renowned "üucle Torn." PRICES, 35, 25 and 15 ets. Reserved Seats now on Sale at Wahr'a Book Store. I CÖLORBD DUS UK Hl lfWJcL Dress Goods OPENING SALE D. F. Schairer's. We open the FALL SEASON WITH OVER 200 PIECES kil; Dress Doods IN THE CHOICEST SHADES, IncIiifUng; all the New eflects In Stripes, Checks, Plaids, Plush and Velvet Combinations for Street and House wear. New 36-inch Etamines, Checks, Plaids and Stripes at 35c, worth 50c. Foule Serges, Pancy Frenen Mixtures, Mosaic Checks, French Cashmeres and Tricots, new Shades and Blacks, 36 and 40 inches wide, at 50c a yard. Norwich Diagonale, Checks. Stripes, Plaids, Whip Cords, Sebastopol Cloth, Rough Twills, Surah Twills, Beatrice Suitings and French Foules, 44 to 52 inches wide, at 75c, and 85c per yard. Trimmings, Braids and Buttons. The largest and flnest stook ever shown in this aity. Elegant Satin Rhadames, New Shades at $1 a yard. Rich, Black Satin Rhadames, all Silk at 75c $1 and $1,25 a yard. Black and Colored Faille Francaises at $1.25 a yard. New Fall Cloth Jackets, for Ladies and Misses, now open at $3, $3.50, $4 and $5. This collection of early Fall Goods will prove instructivo and entertaining. All are invited. D. F. SOHAIREB.


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