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The show of horses, it is said, is the best ever een in Washcenaw county. Thereare 180 pntries, and the accommodations are insufficient for the occasion. Prominent araoog those who have mide entrie re: For all work: J. P. Sanford, J. & M. Octmar. W. H. Dell, H. BeDnett, E. Alber anrl C. S. Morgan. Drafi : Henry Paul, W. C. Foster, C. H. Van Riper, T. Sutherland, Geo. D. Mwerson, Fred Hutzel, J. M. Young and Ira Biddell. Clydesdales : W. W. Wallace. Cariiage horses: R. W. Mül, R. Erwin H. Bermett, Andrew Miller, C. L. Morgan Alfrert Miller, J. S. Wood, Geo. S. Woo and C. B. hb-fL Stacdard Trotting: Charles Gauntlett Family driving horses: M lis Bros., Johr Pratt, W. I. Clark and T. Sutherland Normans : Paul H. Wheeler. CATTLE. The number oL entries in this depart ment is 116, and ome very fine animáis are exhibited. Mills Bros are tae larges exhibitors, they having 23 head of Hul steins on the ground. Olds & Bacon show 15 head of the same breed, and T. S. Olds 10 head. There are 35 head of Öhorthorns showt], of which Orla C. Gregory leads in piint of num ers, he havicg 13 head, R M. Nowland is next with 9 head, P. E Galpin shows 5 head. Oí the Poled Angus stock there is onlyone exhib'tor, R. C Auld. T e exhibition ol Jersey cat Ie is above the average, of which N. B. C vert J. H. Clough, Jacob Covert and W. S Hicks are among the princ pal exhibitors Of grades and ft cattle there are six contestants fnr p'emiums. They are Mills Bros., Prcf. E. Buur, F. S O ds, T. Sutherland, Thos. Allison and R. M. Nowland. SHEEP. The display of sheep, as in almost every other departtnent, is fr above tae average. There are only three breeds shown, nf which there are 56 entne. N. A. Wood, F. & M. Ottmar and R. W. Mills exhibit the American Merinos. The thorouahbreds are exhibited by R. W. Mills, J. 8. nd N. A. Wood, F. & M. Ottmar and F. C. Wood The Middle Wools are exhibited by Wm. Bush, T. & C. Brsun, J. A. Walsh, Henry Paul and W. D. Smith. SWINE. There is a greatsbow of " porkers." R. M. Nowland shows 14 head of Berkshires, and Wm. Fair, oae. Ot the Polaud China breed ihere are four exhibitors: P. H. Rjuse, T. Sutherlnnd, A. A. Wjod and Geo. Olds. Ttii Chester Wiiites hvo only three exhibitor, Jacob Covert, C. F. Palmer and Olds & Bacon. POULTRY. The poultry fancierg are very numerous, there being eight exhibitors with a a total of 115 entries. About every variely of well-bred doraestic fowl is represented in the exhibit. Geo. J. Nissly, of Sülioe, undoubtedly has the Urgest and best coops. The otber exhibiiors are Thos. Allison, Geo. E. Sperry, Geo. Old-i, Henry McNalley, Prof. E. Baür, John Maroney and John Huddy.


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