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Cereals, Vegetables, Fruit, Etc.

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The show of vegetables i marvelous for chis season. E-prcially i?. tbis true of squash, and for table u-e and for stock, potatoes, cailiflower, etc. The display of corn is excellent, as is also the display of all kinds of grain. C. M. Hubbel and H. C. Clark, professional gardeneis, make the largest display. T. Sutherland makes the largest display of cereals. Among the other exhibitcrs in this de partmentare : J. F. Staebler, Wno. M. Fair, M 11-. Bros., A. W. K-edle, Wm. Maudlin, Prof. E Baur, Fred. Hutzel, Chas. Brown, E F. Detneh, Orla C. Gegory, John M. Brown, S. B. Wioans, R. W. Nowland, D. O. B írd, Ira Biddle, C. Eberbaoh, Geo. E. Sperry and I. N. S. Foster. Titrm. In horticultural hall, the display is exceedingly creditable. The i-how of apples 8 very large, and that of grapes and Hher "runs is fair. The Pimological Societv makes a very fine displny. The di-pliy of evaporated fruits, jillies and canned goods, by the Ann Aibor Fruit Preserving 3umpany, is very large and of a superior qualiiy, but the show of domestio breads and dairy producís is very smal]. C. M. 3sgw)d exhibas tbe greatest variety of apples. Of grapes, Pi of. Baur makes a very laree exh.bit. Following is a 1 st of exhibitors in thi department. Ann Ar ior Fruit Preserving Co., Mr. Morgan, C. M. 0good, T. Sutherland, Wm. Maudlin, S. B. Winans, A. W. Keedle. P.of. E. Baur, John Uuddy, Dr. W. W. Nichol.-, ex-Gov. Fclch. OTHER EXHIBITS. Wm. M. Fair and Juhn Fox display ome choice dairy butter. Miss Sarah Fleteher and Mrs. Lewisexbibit some very choine bread. Geo. E. Sperry and ML-s Fletcher show some very fine pickles. Cousins & Hall, Miss Flftcher and Geo. Fox make fine displays of flowers. HECBANICAL WORK. The display in this dppartment speaks well lor the mecrmnical genius of Washtenaw county. Work is di-played here whiah is not eq'ialed anywhere, and the manufacturera are dcserving of better patronage from onr citizens than they receive. Wi oster & Kim make a display of two carriages. F. Waener & Bro. show gix top carriages, two road carts and one platform buïgy. A. P. Ferauson exhibits two of his famou speeii ing carts and one " village " cart. P. Reeder & Co., of Dexter, show three very iine road carts. In farming implements, M. Staebler and M. Rogara make large displaya. Will address the citizens of Washtenaw county, on the fair grounds, tomorrow afteinoon. Everybody should turn ou and hear the farmer governor.


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