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Probate Nottce. STATE OF MICHIGAN, I COD...

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Probate Nottce. STATE OF MICHIGAN, I CODNTY OF WA8HTKNAW. f Notice is hereby gtven, that by an order of the Probate Conrt for the County of Washtenaw made on the 8lh 1ay ol Septemi er, A. D. 1887, siï months from that date were allowed for creditor to present their cluims against the estáte of Alvah Keep, laie of said county, di ccased and that all creditors of said dect ased are required to present tticir claims to said Probate Court, at ihe Probate Office, in tlie iit uf Ann Ar! or. Tor examination aid allowance. o or before the Kth day of March next, and tht fucli i-laims will be heard before said Couit, om Thursday. thefeth dayof Deiemberand on Thur day. the feth day ot March next, at 10 o'clook In the forenoon of each of said riays. Dated, Aun Arhor, Sept. th. A. D 1887. WILLIAM D. HARKIMAN 664-67 Judge of Probate. This man believes in blanketing his hoiMk This man don't think a Horse Blanke! does any good. Isn't it plain that $1.50 to $3.50 spent for one of the following s Horse Blankets would have paid? sa Five Mile. St sa Six Mile X sa Little Giant. fLVi Boss Stable.1 ƒ A 5a F. Kersey. lp% 5a Electric. ■ V. 5ANo. 306. Tbere are many other Btyles. If these doat suit you, ask to see them. A SPRONG BLKET IS (MADE LlKE flG. 2. d 'r'e' SSj Fig.2 do CTWtAR W[Ll-glJMalETSVYlll.WEAt;Wat. Í)ot inouohWarp'SK' Plentvop Waw JMREADS. THiEADSIf you Want Strength looK for this %JradeYfcarK They all have this 5a Trade Mark Labd jewed on the inside of each blanket. [Copyrighted 1887.] I wish to inform the public tbat I keep conHantly on hand the best grades of Black Diamond Coal, in all slzes; also the JnekNOB HUI soft coal, which I can sell at lowest markel prices. Will deliver to any part of the city. GIt me a cali at No. 11 west Washington-st. M. 8TABLBE. TURNER'SZEPHYR! Heats 3 or more rooms and does not over heat the rooms. It sets in J. SCHUMACKER'S, 68 Sontb Miiiii-sl. 6-81


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