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"BUSINESS CARDS. TTËÖkge e. frothingham, m. d., It Hhyslcian xml Siiricfon. Office, Hamilton Building, Rooms 1, 2, and 8. Office Hours: Monday. Tuesday, Thureday and friday. 10 to 12 a. m.; Wednesday and Saturday, 2 W 4. P. M. Alex. w. hamilton Attorney at l.w. WW practice iii botb 8iate and United States Cnurts Office Rooms, one and two, lst fioor of the new brick bloek. corner of Huron and Fonrth Streetf , Ann Arbor, Michigan. 424-475 GEOUöE W. RENWICK, TEACHER OF 101CE CÜLTDRE.S1NGÍ1ÍG, UARMOltY & P1JL150. Harmony successfully taught by mail. Addresg, P. O. box 2151, Am Arbor, Mich. I. O. G. T. Washtenaw Lodge. No. 719. meets every MoniaT eveninii at 7:0 in th ir temple, third dooi eaei of the Post Office, and thi' d öoor. Geobge Scott, C. T. 620-32 O. W Sage, K. Sec. " DEAN M. TYLER, M. D., PHYSICIAN & SURGEON. Office and reatdence over postoffice. flrst oor. 621-83(Offl( e over First National Bank.) Hours from 9 to 11 a. va., 2 to 4 p. m., Sunday, from 2 to 3 p. m. Bpsldence, 2:5 State-gt. 658tf ËLLTS" PEERLESS TRUSS fc given on trial and warranteil to give satifefaction or money refuuded. CHRONIC CASES A SPECIALtTY. Office, No. 6 Washington-st., Over Rinsey & Seaboli's Store. Ann Arbor. O.C.JfcNKINS,D. D. 8.. DEÏÏTAL OFFICE OYEK ANDREWS BOOK STOBÏi, 13 MAIN STREET, ANN ARBOR. 456-507 "ISTICHOLS BROS., DENTAL OFFICE Recomí Hoor Masón ie Black, over SaxIngs Bank, Ann Arbor, Midi. Teetn extracted without pain by the use of gas or vitalized air. 436-487 ZZNA F. ZING, Law and Collection Office. 0. 8. COMMI88IONER, and Agent for placln} Insurance in reliable companies. - All businest. entrusted to this office reoelreê prompt and caretul attenticn. Meney remltiüd unmediately on collection. No. 42 Main street, South, . nn Arbor, Mich. 427-4' tRXJFTXJKE! EGAN'8 IMPERIAL TRÜ88. Spiral Süring with graded pre sure 1 to 6 pounds. Worn day anc niiiht oy an Infant a week old o adultot'80 yeare. Ladles' Trusse a specialty. Endose etamps lo Testimoniáis of Cures, measuremeuts, etc EGAN'S I(VKR1AI TRUSS OQ., Hamilton Block, Adh Arbor, Mich. WM. BIGGS. I Contracior S Builder And all liimls i.fnorU in connectlon with lheabnv ir ..iiip.I.v ■X' CIlM tl. Shop Cnr. of Cburch-st and üniversity aye. Telephone 9 ; P. u. Box r4. WILLIAM AENOLD, SELLS 1847 R GERS BROS.' SPOÖNS, FORKS AND KNIVK8, At bottom prieel, engravin' iDCludec1 full line of the justly celeb-f t(d OCKFORD WALTHAM anc ELÖIN WATOHBS. Open face, Key and Stem-winding a lway on hand and regulated, ready for a man 1 pocket. If you cannotreadthi8 get one ofJohnstou & Co ,s eye-glasses or spectacles for sale bj WM. ARNOLD, 36 Main St. Ann Arbor, Mich A New Discovery. Price Only 50c. Per Bottle. HAS NEVER FAILED TO CURE. Thia yaluablo remedy Is not only a surO cura for Neuralgia, but has no eqtial wlien usod as aa inJöotiou la tho following dUeases: LOCAL DISCHARGES, or WH1TES, ULCERS, SWELLINGS, and NEURALGIA of iho WOMB or BOWELS. Try thls remedy ftnd you wlll uo no othcr. Tho expense is unnsually small and raluo 13 unequalled by any other known prcparatlon. mTliUB ES ïmiiMM and nmnth!? palns aro at f IV1 D once rolleved by Ha une. LADIESREADTHSG! kAfter Fourtoon Montha." IMeftsantvf llo, lowa. Mr. Steketee- Sïr: After laylnjr for il ttionths anti doctorintc with teren different physicians without ar.7 benent to me. I was lndnced to iiso Steketoe's Neiir-ifFia Drops. The uso of your medicine was tho only rallef pot. I am able to do all mv work. I can cheerfnlly rücouiuicud lts uso. MR3. VESTA PllEWITT. Doctors Couid Not Help Her.'1 Jliddleville, Mirh., June 2!, ISM. Mr. O. O. Stefcetee, proprietor Stelcctee'a Ncuralpia Hrops: My wife waaaffllcted with Inflammation and neuralgia of tlio womb for sometime. Doctors could noC help lier, bilt hal ï a dozen doses of your Steketee'a Neuraigia Urops curcd her. Very truly yours, Afik your dmKist for SteketeA Neuralgia Dropa. If not for ealo by your drucnist I wl ! send i t expres paid. toany arldressin tbo Ü- 8., throe bottlcs for oae dollar and fiity cents. For Sale by all Druggista. MflKE YOUR OWN BITTERS. A four ounce packape of Steketbe'S TRT Bittkks will ruake ono gaílon of tüe best Bitters jnown, which will cure lndieeBLlon, Palns in tho otomach. Kever and Atrue, and acts upon tho Kidneys and Bladder, and is the bost Tonic known. Can bo used witb orwithout npirits. Full directiona on each packape. By mail, Prlce only i coate, u. S. btamps taken in payment. Address CEO. G. S7EKCTEE, 89 Klonroo St., Grand Rapids, Mich. MENTIOJí THI3 PAPEtt. Mk PENMYROYAL WAFERS mBFSi Are suecessfully iised mcTithly by over 19,000 WJ vl,alle.s. Are Safn. JCffeil U.ÚI anti Fleasant. tl Tper box by mail, or at druggista. Sealed -FUrX Jr licuUir 2 potitage stampa. Address w thi Eurika Chemicai. Cohpant, ■ .. lUier Block, 131 Woodward ave., Detroit, Micb.


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