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HALE'S HOHEY is the best Cough Cure, 26 5Oc, tL GLENN'S SULPHOR SOAP heals and beautifies, 25c GERMÁN CORS REMOVER kills Corns & Bumons 25c HILL'S HAIR & WH1SKER DYE- Black & Brown, 50c PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minme, 2.ïc. DEAN'S RHEUMATIC PILIS are a turn cm It is on the railroaci trains that one :s most fure of hearing atnusing things, as witness thn fMlowing fragment overhpard on an o!d Colony train recently : "Wbat tovvii is this ?' one passenyer asked another. "TnisisQuincy." "Whatistre in Quincy." "Wel! there's some buried Adtnses, but they're all dead just the same." Xífie Greafest Blood Purifier KNOWN. # I I Tilia Great Germán Medicine is the#. II III -.henpcst and best. 128 doses of SUl-M n II UIPHUIlBITTEUSfor$1.00,les8than# "J I IIHone rent a dose. It will cure them gn worst cases of skin disease, tromM ra Lu a common pimple on the tacem !f Jg IT] to that awful disease Scrofula. 9 IjSULl'HUR BITTERS Í8 the# III best medicine to use In all# III cases of such stnbborn andyour k III lldecp geated diseases. Do#ney s are out 1 1 IJnot ever take Bot order. Use III □ BLUE PILLS ÜulphukQ ITI ormercury.they are dead JL?., „Sri no ill II the purest and best#youuse Wlmedicine ever made. gnUnf Bit'.ifS ! I] SSIsyonrTongTieCoateiw ' SS KI with a yellow stieky#Don't wait ntil yon M HlsubtaneePIsyourareunabletowalk.orlIl llbicath foul andJfare flat on your back, III loffensive? Tour#bt get some at uw, it I II llstomaeh is out#will cureyou. Sulpliurlll In of order. Cse#Bitters is ra oüBÍTTTiÍKsThe Invalid's Friend. g fm immei liatelyThe young, the aged and fm III Is your l;r-#teringare soon made wellby III III ine thick,#its use. Eemember what yon III III ropy, clo-#read here, it may save youi- lludy, or#jife, it has saved hundreds.ll #Dou't wait until to-morrow, 1 Try a Bottle To-day! E3 IS" M Ara ynn low-spirited and weak.lll 5 #or Kiiffe'rins frnm the excesses of III a#youth? It BO, SULPHÜR BITTKItóll ywill cure you. __Y_ UI Send 3 2-cent stnmps to A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, Mass., ïor best medical work pubtished? Sew Advertisements tfBfe You'll flnd it good to reguySflttBB The oígans of both smaU JBsaMS) It checks Stek Headache, ■ihbI and ihe woe jfcjMI yl flff That sad Dyspeptics ever yBStfÈKSfi? Besides 'tis pleasant to the S3Ë 1 Eone Bed gulp it down fc MARLIN REPEATINC Ife RIFLE S&ís., BEST IN THE teed pcricetly WbSk. WORLD! accurate and absolutely V safe. Made in allsizes for V, Vffj larpre or smaU game. tIH BALLARD fc tallcrj, IIuTitlne und Tarret RlBe. ■( Svnd for IlluRtrated uttilotut-. W Alsu'liu Fire Arnu Co., ew lliiTen, Conm. lFASTEn-LABIES for our Fall and Christmas Trade, to take ligtit, pleasant work at thtir own hnmes $1 to 83 per day can be quietly made. Work sent by mail anyrïistance. Particulars free. No cnnvassing. Address at once. CIÍESCKXT ART CO , 117 Milk-st., Boston. Mass. Bux 5170. 666-69 fm ÖOLD MEDAL, PAEIS, 1878. $% BAKERS tButüniHiist Gocoa. Wlá&SS Warranted absolutely pure ÚNui&L Cocon, from which the exceap of m ËBYtii. "" has been removed' ' llas l" "e fff ffl WmEi times the strength of Cocoa mixed uR f l l in, with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, Ml f llu and is therefore far moreeconomiïJII I llH cal" costin9 les' ian one "nt Klal i 1 Bl cup' '' is de"cious' nourishing, H il Btrengthening, easily dlgested, and Wal I l j BadmirabIy adapted for invalida aa tjfiü. J 'J well as for pereowa ip health. n2Í Sold by Grocers everywhere. ff. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. nTTTCS TJ rt TJTTiTÏ mar Tin rotra'á on filo at G"Ok ,1 n I f JriiJTÜlV p. BowelliiUo'sNewspiiiivr A(iTertlslnKBureau;i0Spruc;eSt.2,whBrndj-PrtJslTi4 MUacts iW ha "nada i (or It UI ÜKir IOHH.


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