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Button, Lace and Con?re?s Shnr. AAK yonr raJlor f the JAMiS MEANS 4 MiOK ur the JAMKS MEAN! WJ SHOfc.aci;ordin.L;toyouriimis. l'ubiuvc-ly none germine unless our stamp apptars plainly on the solea. JAMES MEANS $4 SHOE Will not wear so long as the JAMES MEANS $3 SHOE, Beeause it Is made for men whose occapaöons re snch a ifad tliem to cali for a lighter end more dressy shoe than thr JAMES MEANS 3 SHOE. Our $3 hoe has cïtablishod tbr itself a permanent reputation for comfort and durability such as no oiher shoe has everknown in the history of the trade. No competitors are able (o approach it. The James Mcans J$4 Shoe is hvht and Myllsh, and it is as durable as any shoe of its weiyht ever manufacturad. We confidontly assert that in evrry vital respect the JampH Mf-ans S4 Shoe is equal to the h.-xnd-sewod shoos whlch have hithcrlo bern retailed at $6 or $7 It has a Doneolatnp atidspamless cnlf vamp. It has a perfectly smooth hnttcm ntsicfe. It fits like a stockirtfr, and reqiiires no breaking in," being perfectlyeasy the first time it is worn. James Mrans and ('n.'s Shoes were the first in thia country to beextonsively adyenisfd. If jou have been disappointPd in other advortised Shoes, your expcnence oiiRht to tcach you that it is safer to buy shoos mm e by t!)p leaders of a system, ratder than those m:ide by the followers. These shoes are sold by the liest rolailcrs throughont the United Statrs, and we wilt place them easily within your reach, ia any State or Territory, if you will end us a postal card. The doctor and the letter-carrier re not tulkmtr about a case of s-rioua illnes. They linve simply suspended worit to dUcuss tiie meriti of tlu-ir ahnes. Tto Mtercarrier Mysthe Jatnes Mearía $' .--hoe U the bist iu the world. 'Ihe doctor dMiiea it, and, v-t that the Jnmps Mfiins $4 Shoe is bettcr. Cuaaiticnng Xixt uesJd v( eaub, Üuiy u.rti buita rigkt. I.. (3RITNER, Role Agent (r Aun Arbor. 41 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass.


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