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The University Year

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The University year opens under most encouraging circumstances. Ttie professors afcer the long vacation have returned to their work. The students are ihronging our ttreets and filling up recitation rooms. The city is again lively wi'.h the two thousand young people who are here to avail themselves of the advantages provided in the educational line at Ann Arbor. We welcome them among us and hope that it will prove a profitable year on which they are now entering. No better facilities are furnished in any institution of our land. Indeed, it is beginning to be understood that there is no further need of our young people to go abroad, after they have obtained all the knowledge that is to be had here, to finish their education. The field covered at the University is sufficiently broad and varied to meet the wants of all Btudents. And the work here is as thorough and exhaustive as could be desired. Hereafter the scholar in special Unes will stay at home, and pursue the lines of study marked out by our well informed professors. And hen he will be as well adapted to his chosen work in life aa though he had "finished off" at BerlĂ­n or Leipsic. But what about education itself ? We have some interest in the mater as citizens. This is a state institution, and our people want to know what is being done here for the training of the young people who are to take their places in the ffairs of dotiiestic and civil life. Surely they will apply themselves to the study of tnathematics, the lauguages, philosophy, history, and ihe natural sciences. We trust that they will give some attention to our cvn noble.but we fear, much neglected English tongup, so that they may be able to speak and wriie it correctly. But there is something beyond this regular routine. We want to have the future citizens of Michigan coming out of our University so trainf d as to conduct an honorable part in life. And this also is to be had here. We are proud to say that in addition to the training of the intellectual faculties, the system pursued here has a wise tendency to fit our young men and women for eminent spheres of usefulness in our country. If they do not come forth into society brave, self-reliant, upright, honest, pure, manly and with moral charactere on which others can depend, the fault will rest upon themselves alone. For these are the principies inculcated by precept and example by those whom we have selected to do the educational work in our popular Un'versity.


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