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Keifer, '87, has entered the medical department. Mr. Clarey ha been appointed tutor in Germán. Prof. S'eere's position is temporarily filled by Mr. Washburn. Prof. Gayley is nccupving the position forraeily filled by Prol. B. C. Burt. Pittman, president of the cli8 of '87, has been in the eity fora few days. Moritz Levi, '87, isconducting a private school lor boys, in Chicago, and is doing well. At a meeting of the University Senate, held last Friday evenicg, it wag decided to adopt sun time. Librarían DavW requests gentlemen to leave their overcoats sud hats in (hecloak room, when intendiny lo use the reading room. Frofs. Greene, Davis and Cooley will go to Lansing on Wednesday next to help incorpórate the Michigan Engineering Sociey. The Dekes have purchased the property adj ining the present State-t house, wiih the uhimate mteution of building thereon. Prof. Calvin Cady announces a courge iü choral master-pieces, for which two hours' credit will begiven lor three hours' altendance. At the anruM meeting of the State Pnarmaceutial S iciety, held last summer, Mrs. TouiseK. Stowell, M. S , of this city, was elected an honorary member. The members of the S C. A. will give a social in the chapel Friday evening, Oot. 7. All students are cordially invited to attend and take part in the exercises. Prof. Wm. H. Payne, professor of the science and the art of teaching, has been appointed chancellor of the University cl Tennessee. He has not yet decided whether or not he will accept. Prof. J. B Davis opens this year's work of the engineeri-ig society, in room I, south wing, at 8 o'c'.ock Saturdny morning. His subject will be "Engineering Exercises." All engineering students are cordially invited. The flrst lecture before the s(udens of the dental college was delivered bv Dr. Taft, Mon' ay morning. The attendance is already as lge a it was lau year, and the present imiicatioas are, ihe altenuance will be much larger than any previous year. The homceopathic college was opened last Friday evening by Dr. Obetz, who delivered an introductory lecture to the students. The attendance is above that of previous years, and the faculty expec 75 in attendance belore am ther month. Tne senior class will be larger than the one last year. Coutier: The mechanical department of the University, over which Prof. M. E. Cooley presides, will send an exhibit of students' work in the shop to the convention of the American Institu'e of Architects, whijh meet1 Oitober 19th, in Chicago. Mr. C. G. Taylor will accompany the exhibit and b in aitendance upon the seesions of the convention. The Alnha Nii Literary Soiiety of the literry dt-partment, has its first meeting of the year in Alpha Nu Hall, Salurday evening, Oct. 8 Tne prog'amm' i as fol1ts: Piano S )lo, M Frxnces Crosby ; In ugural Addrei-s, E E Hubbard; Essav, 'TIn n-cessity of Art Cul ure," Miss E. R Cl uk; D-clamaiion, "P.irrhasius," M. Roseuthal; Stnrv, "Repectfnllv D-clined," Clyde Stoue; Piano Solo, W. J. Johnson. A marked incretse is notioed in the a''endam'e at theliw college this year. Already b.nh classes exceed those of last year es regnrds numbers. The opening Iei;ture ws delivered Ust Saturday morning hy Pn f He nry Wade R)gers. It was a very able one, and clfarly set forth the impoitance of studyins lawin a law school. The lecture wag about an hourand a qaartt-r in duration, and w s li-tened to with marked atinntion by all ihose present. At the close, Prof. W'm. P. WelU delivered a short talk, whih wa8 well received. " We understand that the students of the Christian Association have re-olved that i's members shall not pay for rooms to exceed %' per week, two to occupy a room. Which is certainly their privilege. Now, h)W would it do for those renting rooms to get together and have something t'i ay abuut whai they will rent rooma for." - Courier. The members of the associa in inform us tnat there is no truth whatever in the above. Why th C nirïer should thus falsify concerning ene of the most worthy associaiioni n the city, is beyond comprehension.


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