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President Cleveland has again selected an Ann Arbor gentleman to SU a responsible position. Thia time it is President James B. Angelí, of the University, vvhom he has invited to act with the Sec retnry of State and the Hon. Wm. L. Putnam, of Maine, in the negotiation of a settlemeut with Qreat Britain of the disputes growing out of the questtons oont;ected with the rights of our fi-hermen in the territorial waters of the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland. The Britih Commissioners are Right Honorable Joseph Chamberlain, Sir John A. Macdonald and Minister West. These gentlemen have all accepted, and it is expected that negotiations will begin in Washington about ihe middle of Njvem ber. Oí the appointrnent of Preident Angelí and Mr. Putnam, the Free Press says: Tne seleotion of Mr. William L. Putnam and James B. Angelí, of the Michigan University, in coi junction with Secretary Bayard, as the Commissioners who will represent the United Siatesin the negotiation with Cotninissiotiers on bebalf of Great Bruain on the fishenes question, gives assurance that the interesis of the Uuited S ates will be in the bands of able and earnest men, who will watch w. 11 every point and who will thoroughly understand the hearings of every stipulition. Mr. Putnam is excepiionally prepared for tne ncgotiations by reasan of his great familianty with the American case. He ia a lawyer of distinction. The large scholarship and general attainments of President Angelí are known the country over. It will m t take him long to iuf'oim himself up;)n any of the points in controversy of whicb he has not nnw full kaowledge and tbe skill he displayed in his special misMon to China and as one the Commissioners on the part of the United States to negotiate a treaty with Cnina, with a view of restncting Chinese immigration - a difficult and delicate task - is sufficient warrant for general and hearty approval of the president's action in choosiog him at this time.


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