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That the young women of America are likely soon to surpasa their brothers in their intellectual development, seems a starlling assertion But the facts presented by Anna B. McMahan in The American Magazine certainly poinc in that direction. Women's clubs and similar organizations havo provided means of improvmg the miuds of their members, while the males of similar age have been exp nding their energies on billiards and base-ball. The building of the Washington National Monument, the loftiest structure ever raised bv mau, is described in detail by Oscar Foote. Although authoiized by Congress in 1799, the work was not actually begun until 1847, when a society was organized for that purpose, with the philanthropist W. W. Corcoran as vice president. The aiticle in The American M igazine is tuliy illus'rated with plans and pictures of me monument, and a portrail of Mr. Curcoran serves as frontispiece for the Outober number. Mr. George W. Cable will contribute a noveletie to early numbers of The Cemury. It 18 an Acadian story, eutiileu "Au Lurge," wich the doublé meaning uf the Acaüian usage, "Out on the open prairie," and the ltrger application, " Ou: in the world abroad." The reader will meet again Claude (the hro), Bjnaventure, Maximian, Tarbox, Sidonie, Zozphine and her daugnter (now a woman), Sc. Pierre, and other chnracters of "Caranero" and " Grande Pointe." The date is the year be'bre tht New Oileans Universal Extiibition. Tne story sets forth ihe effuct of eiiligh euing the iufluences and free institutions upun the Acadian country and characttr.


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