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Health In The Bread

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Perfect food is that which, while prepared in the most appetizing f orm, is also the most wholesome and nntritious. It should never be necessary to sacrifice the wholesomeness of an article in order to make it more palatable, nor, as ia too often the case, should we be compelled to take our bread or cake bereft of its most appetizing qualities in order to avoid injury to onr digestive organs. The Royal Baking Powder possesses a peculiar quality, not possessed by any other leavening agent, that applies directly to this subject. It provides bread, biscuit, cake, muffins, or rolls, which may be eaten when hot without inconvenience by persons of the most delicate digestive organs. With most persons it is necessary that bread raised with yeast should lose its freshness or become stale before it can be eaten with safety. The same distressing results follow f rom eating biscuit, cake, pastry, etc, raised by the cheap, inferior baking powders that contain lime, alum, phosphates, or other adulterants. The hot roll and muffin and the delicious hot griddle cakes raised by the Royal Baking Powder are as wholesome and digestible as warm soup, meat, or any other food. Another greatly superior quality possessed by the Royal Baking Powder is that by which the preservation of important elements of the flour is eiïected in raising the bread by the meohanical operation of the gas, without fermentation. Yeast, and all baking powders that produce the leavening gas by f ermentation, as is well known, destroy a portion of the nutritive elements of the flour, and particularly those which are the most healthful and the greatest aids to a perfect assimilation of the food. The Royal Baking Powder, while perfectly leavening, retains without change or impairment all those elements which were intended by nature, when combined in our bread, to make it literally the " stafl of life." No leavening agent or baking powder, except the Royal Baking Powder, possesses these great qualifications.


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