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The Detroit grain and produce qnotationa re: Wheat- No. 1 White, 77i8@7714e; No. 2 Bed, 7.ri4@75i2S. Flower- Holler process, $3.75@4.00; patents. $4 50(3)4. 75. Corn- No. 2, 45c. Oats- No. 2, 28c. Burter - Creamery, 241a@28a Cheese, 12iy@13a Eggs, lCi2(ïl7c. . A State bank began business at Hillsdale a few daya ago witli .■f.jO.OOO capital. The Cheboygan Lumber Company will cut pine this winter from its Canadian lands. Alexander Gallinger, Johu Monahan, Peter Grattou and James Morrison, of Oshkosb, Wis., recently concluded a pineland deal. The property is locatcd itt Michigan on the Menominee river, near the stations of Engalls and Stepaeuson, on the Northwestern road. It consists of 400,000,000 feet of irine and 7,372 acres of mixed timber. The prlca was $150,000. Will Osborn, of Gaylord, Otsego County, while riding in a buggy recently at Otfiego lake was shot dead by the accidental discharge of a gun. Another man had a narrow escape. Capta'n George Berringer, ex-mayor of Negaunee, andoneof the ol (lest residente of the peninsula, died at Norway, Menomineo, County, the olher morning. The ajmnal session of the Grand Legión of Select Knights of the Ancient Ord ;r of United Workmen was held at Saginaw the. other day, and offlcers were electd for the ensuinsr year as folio wb: Post Commander, D. B. Puringfton, Coldwatsr; Grand Commander, A. Birher, Niles; Vice-Com mander, C. Bandall, Ishpeming; Lieutenant-Commander, C. Bvrnes, Bay City; Marshal, E. E. Osborn, East Saginaw; Treasurer, W. Shattuck, Suginaw; Recorder, B. D. Teal, Grand Bapids; Junior Workman, Ira Clark, Negaunee; Standard Bearer, William Cochrane, St johns; Guard, 0. S. Mason, Oscoda. An explosión occurred in the Osceola mine at Opechee, Marquette County, the other night, by wbich three men were seriously hurt and a fourth was probably fatally injured. The explosión was caued by a lighted candle faliing into a box of exploding caps. A quanticy of hercules powder which was in the box had been removed but a short time bef ore. The Moore House barn at North Branch, Lapeer Counry, which also contained Frank Tandecar's livery stock, was burned the other morning. Eight horses, two buggies and a lot of harness, hay and oats were deBtroyed. The origin of the ftre was unknown. A two-year-old gl of Mrs. Philip Clontier, of Detroit, feil into a pail of hot lye a few days ago and died soon afterwards. Beports to the Agricultural Department at Washington say that Michigan is the only State where an average apple erop is expected. E. B. Dean, a wealthy farmer living two miles west of Beed City, dropped dead of heart-disease while plowing in bis field the other afternoon. William Andrews was convicted of manslaughter at Marquette a few days ago for Jack McGinis July 4 while intoxicated. The whole case, including the examination of eighteen witnesses, only tookfour hours from che beginning to the handing ia of the verdict A block of three small stores at St. Ignaca was destroyed by üre the other night Loss, $8,000; insurance, $3,200. Captain R T. F. Bullard, of Coldwater, oreated a sensation the other afternoon by rushing into the main street and Uring four búllete into the head of a horse hitched behind a trader's wagon. It was his own favorite old mare whioh he had put into the hands of a party to keep. The party had sold it to the trader, and the Captain thought to stop the ill-treatment she was receiving. The city marshal lent a hand and a bullet and finished the job. At Marshall a few days ago Judge Hooker sent i i a decisión in the celebrated PerrinSibley sult, which gives the s.bley heirs, of Bochester, N. Y., from $300,000 to $500,000 worth of property, most of wliich ia situated in Marshall. The matter had been in court twenty years or more. The Perrin heirs would appeal. A Mecosta flrm sold three thousand patent potato-bug sprinklers this season. A honse has been leased in Detroit for the new home for destitute boys. At the recent State fair in Jaskson the attendance was a great surprise and demonstrated that w:th favorable weather the fair would have been a grand financial success. At least Lwenty-five thousand persons were upon the grounds. The compet tive drill for the championship of the State between the Jackson Guards and the cadets of the Lansmg Agricultural College was won by the guarda Beports to the State Board of Health by flfty-one observers in different parts of the State for the week ended S9ptember 24 indicated that erysipelas and inflammation of the kidneys increased, and cholera morbus, cholera infantum, influenza and neuralgia decreased in are i of prevalenee. Diphtheria was reported at twenty-üve places, scarlet fever at nine, typhoid fever at twentysix, measles at three places and small-pox at Detroit Edward Carboneau's steam laundry at Mt Clemens was burned a few days ago. Loss, $1,200; insurance, $650. Eugene Hough and Thomas Beep fooled with an old pistol at Mt Clemens a few days ago. The hole is through Hough's arm and Beep's hand. Sims Williams, of North Branch, Lapeer County, had a valuable horse poisoned with Btrychnine the other night by sume unknown scoundreL Thirteen dogs were poisoned in one night recently in Bronson. Wilson, arrested as one of the crowd that tarred and feathered Eider Bhodes in Lapeer, pleaded guilty a few days ago and was sentenced to ninety days in prison. Bobert Meabin's house and two barns were burned in Columbus, St. Clair County, a few days ago. Loss, $4,000; small insurance. Cause, steam thresher. Bev. Waldo May, of Mason, died a few days ago, ag-ed sixty-eight years. He had been a suff erer from paralysis for nearly three years. George Weatherstone, superintendent of the Eopes gold mine, went to Chicago a few days ago to buy inachinery tor a new mili to be built this season. Henry Mulock, aged twenty-six years, son of a P. Mulock, of Colfax, Ia., a rioh owner of mineral lands in Menominee County,: was found dead in his bed the other morning at Iron Mountain. Heart-disease was the cause of death. Incendiarles tried to set fire to the Knights of Labor Hall at Iron Mountain the other night by pouring kerosene oil under the door and igniting it The ftre was discovered before mueh damage was done. A terrible accident occurred at the Gen.' esee street crossingof the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic road in Marquette the other evening. Three men attempted to crosa with a hom; and carriage in front of a coal train, when the horse and carriage were Btruck with terrific force, instantly killing the horse. One man was cut in the head, another lost both armB, and the third man escaped without injury, though thrown a long distance. John Brooks, of Wright, Hillsdale County, la over one hundred and one years old, and' Is still hale and hearty.


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