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Bocklen'M Árnica Salve. hest salve in the world for Cuta, 1 Sores, Ulcera, Fever Sores, Tetter, d Hands, Chillblains, CornB, and all 'í-uptioQs, and positively cure Piles, I nav required. It is guaranteed to I00 rfect satistaction, or money reW, price 25 cents per box. Forsale toch & Son. In .he wuat p roh. Mrs. Minzenheimer E Minzenheimer, vut do you tink? lili has been here three seasons, 'ind l ,ns married yet. Mr. Minzenheimer ILiuiodedly) -Vell, my ohilt, I ttnk Krill ht' to annoutice a mark tjwn sail ,;:. i' ?_ ln.osewho believe that nature will work I coao-h or cold should understand that ■ : 5 jone at, the expense of the consti1 Each time this weakens the systdwe all know that the termina;P'0lhÍP dangotous practice is a comW. Hte's ?rave. Don't take the chances, Efifty cent botlle of BiPelow's tuve Cure will sately and promptly cure W reCent coujíh, coíd or throat or lung KuWe. Buy the dollarbottle of EberLJiSon, for chronic cases or family I - ■jK,n- Helio! Robinson, what's your ■„.; Rohinson (out of breath)- Djn't Btuime; I've just heard that my house ■ on lire. Brown- That's too bad. I 1 going to ask yoa to have a drink. tusón- Well, 111 go you one, but we'll [feto be quii-k about it. ÍAÍ3KINE (THE NEW QÜININE.) fcSi Voïïcned For Otter Drug II KPMoöcrn Times. A POWBRFUL TONIO I nat the mrt delicate stomach wlU bear. ISPECIFIO FOR MALARIA, BHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATI0N. ■THE MOST SCIESTIFIC AND SUCCE3SFÜL ■LOOD PURIFIER. Superior to quiíiine. lir.Juhii C. SctrboroUKh, Selma, N. C. writcs: Ilínimalarla in the Southern army, and for a Iñenyeflrs sufft-reii ('rom lts debilíiating eff'Cis. ■niterribly run down when I heard of Kas■kmenew quiniue. It helped me at once. I pnfd -5 pounds. Have iiot had suca good Iftherlette'sof asimilarfharacter from promi■nl individuáis, which stamp Kaskine as a ■s-iyuf uudoubted merit, will be sent on ap■ Tteírént of K SKINE has on PuMic Exhihi■mitemarkable M NlKlN,or model of the ■nMtiody. ihowingthe Stomach. Heart, Lunjjs. ■iw.een, Kidneya and the other organs and ■uttinfcalth and n Disease. By an Inspection WuiSiei'd can see the nature and location of ■vwobles and learn how KASKINE relieves mimes them. ■ Ii'Hne can be taken without any special ■U advice. $1.00 per hottle. or six bottles for f Seul by mail on ieceipt of price. I KASKINE CO., 54 Warren St.. New York. [:: Arbor Small Fruit Nurssry ! I All kinds of Berry Plants -r Fine knU of the Sharpless ; The best trawberry ; Fruit and Ornamental rees from Ellwanger & Barry, Rochesir, N. Y. Orders must be sent early. WINES AND SYKUPS. 8weet Home-made Wine for Invalids, ld the Encharist, Sour Wine, Rasprry Syrup, Shrub, Pear Syrup. Plymouth Rock Eggs. E. BAUB, Peet Huron St., - Ann Arbor. INSURANCE, ÏÏAL ESTÁTE AND LOAN AQENCY OF k W. HAMILTON Offices, No. 1 and 2, First Floor, Haroilton Block. ïuties desiring to buy or Keil Real Estáte wil) bdlttothelradvantage toeall on me. I repre ntthe followlng first-olass Flre Insurance Com ie, having an aggregate capital of over pwioo: Th? Hrnnd Rnpirtn Fir Ins. Co., Ihc ohio Farmer'B Ins. ('.. (tusares ■nlydwvlliiiiíNj. ïne . erimiii I I n. i.. Tln nniriliii Flre lus Vo., ibM'illaM'iis Flre Ins. ., Jne ,i h, r Flre liis. Co., Jhc Milwaukee Mechnnic's Mutual Fl" Ins. o., [The . m Hampstaire Flre Ins. Co., L'he Aiuazan Fire lus. Co. ftaes Low. Losses liberally adjusted and noptly pald. 'iso issue Life and Investment Pollcies In the ton. Mutual Life Insurance Company. A 85,000.000. Persons desiring Accident Intut. can have yearly Pollcies wrltten for them oi 'to'eler's Coupon Insurance Tickets lssued at Rates In the Standard Accident Insurance """"PMj of North America. Money to Loan at Cl"ini Rates. Office hours from S a. m. to 12 m., 42top. m. ALEX. W. HAMILTON, Hamllton Block. ïtis Generally conceded by physiteng that the spring truss is the best own instrument for retaining hernia, pving a uniform pressure and conform8 to the various positions of the body. ey are clean, comfortable and durle. Our stock is large, embracing all the ding makes. We guarantee satisfaclon. .Browne A Nhnrne Huir Clipper Jio. 1 '15: PoHtnire 15c. I, "'■"■ Shnre Hone Clipper Sio.'i "00 ; Poatttire 2SoVnn BRO'8, Drugiiists, Ann Arbor.


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