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Used To Point A Moral

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I gofc off a Jamaica Plain car at Cedar street, in Roxbnry, the other day on my way to pay a visit. Tbe street goes up a bilí ratber abruptly from tbe córner, and it is not just here a very pleasant part. I was abnut half way up the hill and opposite ome sort of a brevvery place when I was accosted respectfully by a pleasaut faced Hibernian, wbo had been talking to sonie men who were rolling out beer barrels (rom the doorway of the place across the street. I knetv tbat the man nho spoke to me had been calling across, but I was busy with my own thoushts and had not uoticed bis words. His speaking to me was evidently a sudden inspiration. "Lady!" he said in a loud, clear tone; "lady!" I stopped and looked at him. I should have supposed I would be sturtled at being spoken to so imperalively and suddenly, but the man'a voice and marnier were quite above any personality. I had simply appeared at an opportune moment to point a moral for him. He was lectuiing a low looking; man over the way, one of the workmen employed in rolling out tho beer barrels. "Look at tbat baldbeaded scoundrel over thair, lady; look at himl He bates his mother rigilar. Do ye see tbat, yee booming raseal, ye? The lady can't bear to look a second time at the likes of ye. To disgrace the neighborbood by bating yer own mother!" I went on up the hill. and as I passed the indignant man he stepped politely off the sidewalk to make room for me, saying, "Och, ma'am, it would shame him well if ye'd looked lotijrer." I bowcd, but as it seeraed to me that I had done service enough vicariously as a missionary, I excused myself from casting condemning glances upou the sinner under arraignment. When I retured to my borse car, af ter a walk tltrougb pleasanter streete, the man who had employed tbe novel method of trying to thame bis sinful friend bad disappeared. But the barrel roller was still busy about the door of tbe beer place. I glanced toward him with some wonder as to bis possible behavior. He had not seemed to hear his accuser bef ore nor to see me; but at sight of me now, heducUed his head bebind a barrel and remuined In an extraordinary doubled over position of shained semi-concealinent as I walked down tbe street. When I was fairly down to the corner curiosity impelled me to turn and look again in his direction. He was just straightening up again to go on with his work. I have woudered since if he feared that I might adel a postscript to his friend's seathing. I should like to, I am sure, iL 1 knevv what one could possibly say to touch the couscience of a man "who bate3 his mother regilar."-


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