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The Jolly Pathfiaders every night next week, and Saiurday matinee. The Cheqnamegons furnigb music for a reception at Ypsilanti to-night. The Western Union are replacing their old telegraph poles with new ones. The case of Miller vg. Cornwell ig being oeard before Judge Newton this week. The Ann Albor Browng will give a grand ball at the palace rink this evening. The Brown went over to Milan, Friday, and detèated that club, the score standing 10 to 4. 3. T. Jacobs, last week gold two Holitein hpiftsrg to partiea living near C.ncinnati, Ohio. Secretary Firchild mailed 2,300 letters Monday morning, containing a nolice of assessment Robert Johnson andon Fratk, ofjackeon, visited the tormer's sister, Mrs D. C. Fall, over Sunday. The water workscompany have received a supj'ly of crude oil, which they intend to experiment with for fuel. Emanuel Spring and Mies Emma Heinrich were msrried lat eveuing, as announced in The Register last week. Thomas Burlingame, of this city, and C. P. Warner, of Lodi, have been drawn as traverse jurois for the present term ot the U. S. Court, at Detroit. The jury for the Ootober term of the cirouit court has been summoned not to appear until next Tuesday, on account ot tha illness of Judge Joslyn. Janet Hop, of Jackson, died in this city Oei. 1, aged 26 years, after long suffering with an abeess. The re: ains were taken to Battle Creek for interment. The members of the G. A. R. post in this city are rnaking arrangemeats to give grand entertainment at the opera house, l(e this Cali, for the benefit of the relief fund. The heavy winds the past few days did considerable damage throughout the oounty. A large shade tree in front of Jahn Maynard's, on Division-st, was blown down. A ten pound bov arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Root. Monday even - ing. It will now take more of the root of all evil to próvido for that family of Roots. The superintendente of the poor and the county treasurer had a settlement Monday. Up to October lst, the poor fund was overdrawn to the amount of $43.52. John Johnson was broueht up from Ypsilanti, Tuesday evening, and lodged in the county jad, charged with stea'ing f 50. He will have an examination in Ypsilanti next Monday. The four-year-old boy of Mr. and Mr. T. Weinkauf, of the Secnd ward, died last Saturday afternoon. The funeral services were held Monday afternoon by Rev. Mr. Neumann. The committee appointed to settle with L. Gruner, as treasurer of Ann Arbor school district No. 1, completed their labors Monday, and found everything O K. with a balance on hand of $1,911.78. " Say. how is this for one day ?" said Clrk Woodward, of the Cook House, Saturday evening, as he pointed to a line on the register where one guest had registered from Seventy-six. Penn., andanother one from 3 M le Boy, N. Y. The of S-cond-st, in the rear of Philip Bach'sresidence, for the propnsed new T. & A. depot, was begun in the probate court, Monday, before a board of commissbners. After listening to evidence on both sides, the board adjourned until todav. The commissioners are B. M. Cole, of Superior, J. T. Spafford, of Manchester, and Alfred Davenport, of York. Lonard B. Vaughan, a prominent and wealthy citizen, died last night of Bright's disease, aged 53. His family lives here, nut he had large business interests at Petrolia, Canada, in banking, real estáte and oil, and was worth nearly half a iuillion. He leaves a wife, son and one mar ritd daughter, who lives at Sioux Falls, Dakota. The funeral will be held at the residence, tomorrow morning, at 10:30 o'clock. The Pathfinders, at the opera house next week, will present "Scraps" Monday evening, with a change of programme every evening. On Saturday af:ernoon a grand fsmily matinee for ladies and ehildren will be given. Prices 10 and 20 cents, all parts of the house. Saturday evening will be presented to ome one in 'he audience an elegant $35 Gold Coin parlor heating stove, to be seen in the window of Eberbach's bardware store. Our priees for the evening performances are : children, 10 cents ; adulta, 20 and 30 cents. Positively no higher. The board rf direcrors of the Waahtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Co. met in the secretary'g offic, Saturdav, and aHjusted the following losses: E. & E. R. Gnrton, damage to buildings and pe-sonal propertv by lightning. Sept. 6, $1,445,16; Chas. Howlntt, Ypsilanti town, was allowed $390.33, Lor" the loss of three horses, injury to one, and damage to a barn by lightning, September 6 ; Joseph Hopkins, luw of now, $24.06; Norman Lyndon, $30, for loss of dry house and contents; GlbtrtHurd, Pittsfield, for wood burned. August 2, $6 66; Wesley Wes'fall. of Lima, nrarsh hay burned Aug. 31, $6 66. The board also approved of the asessment of $1 on ttje thoasand whioh was ordered spread at a re:ent meeting. Since the Ann Arbor gas light company made the reduction in the price of gas about three weeks ago, they have h&i many additions to their list of subscribers. Ttie next forenoon after the firtannouncement in this paper cf the reduction, they booked eiht n'w orders. They are receiving some orders to supply gas for cooking stoves. Tht-y claim that they can beat coal or wood in the matter of economy in cooking, and taking the matters of convenience, cleanliness and safety into consideration, it would seem that the use of gas in the kitchen would soon become quite general. The company would be pleased to present any of our readers with convincing argumenta and tests to show that gas is the proper thing to invest in both for light and fuel.


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