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Fire And Water

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Last evening at 9.45 o'clock, fire was disoorered in ihe third story of No. 6 E. Huron-st, in a building owned by Andrew J. Sutherland, and occupied by Burjhfield's tailoring establishment. It broke out in a storeroom off one of Burchfield's tailor shops ; and wa probably caused by a pan ot asbes whiuh had been placed there The fire department was out promply and subdued the fire, but considerable damage was done by fire and water. The fire had run between the joists west to the rooms in the next building, owned by Mrs. W. R Henderson, and occupied by W. F. Russell, the conf-cuoner, where it damaed fine bed-room set, and goods ftored there which wtre owaed by Mrs. D. L. Story, of Texas. O. A. Kelly's pholographic rooms on the Becond fljor were muoh damaged by water. W. W. Whedon's office escaped both Cre aad water. Buren field'sgoods on the firgt floor were eonsiderably dama?ed by water, the back half of hi st ;re reseiving a large quantity. Luckily the front hall was not drenebed. His loss is fully oovered by insuracce. Mr. Russell, the confeotioner, is the gentleman who purchased of' Mrs. Burleson only a few weeks ago, and his household goods were not insured. O. A. Kelly's loss is covered by insurancev Mrs. Story has $300 insurance on her hou-ehold goods, which will probably cover the loss. There was a very lively tyne for awhile, but it didn't disturb Maggie Mitchell's audience only a few steps away.


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