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" ReadThisThrough! " IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. The unusnally fine weather so far this winter has uaturally hurt the Clothing Trade. When buying onr winter stock we based our calcuiations on cold weather, iind as we have not had cold weather, it followsthat there has not been as much clothing sold as there otherwise would have been. The reault is we are overstocked on heavy goods. About the first of December we advertibed to give a discount of 10 per cent. on all purehase. The number of people who have taken advantage of this offer convinces us that all people do not like to be bumbugged. It is easy enough to write an advertisement offering $30 smts for $15.00, or offering } or J off. But stop, what does this mean ? If a Bnit or overcoat is actually worth $30.00, nobody is foolish enough to believe that it will be sold for $15.00. Or if goods are marked at a fair margain, } off means that the goods will be sold for what they cost or lefs. No Merchant Can Do Business s Nothing. We have a large stock of Men's and Boys" Suits and Overcoats. These gnods were boueht for CASH, and boughtright. We will divide our profit with you until Janov v Ist. In other words we will give 10 per (ent. discount on ill purchases of Clothing Our goods are all marked in plain figures, and marked to ell. A discount of 10 per cent. means that you can buy one-tenth cheaperofus than others offer. We are offering you good, clean, new stock, very cheap. Come and see for yourself. Clothiers, 21 South Main Street, - Ann Arbor, Mich.


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