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Dr. Palmer stil! remains in a very criticftl conditioo. The übrary will be closed Monday Dec. 26, and Monday Jan. 2. The freshman elass have adopted yellow and white as class colors Prof. C. N. Jones will bemarried Christmas to a Philadelphia lady. President ad Mrs. Angelí returned f:om Washington last Sa!urday. The date of the Junior Hop has been changed from April 13 to Feb. 10. All interested in the art of boxing are requested to be present at the riuk Saturday morning. Accompanied by Prof. Cooley, the senior engineers took in the boat lauacb last Saturday at Detroit. A reception was tendered Professor Wm. Clark, the Ba'dwin lecturer for the current 6eason, last Friday evening. Papers by Prof. Winchell and Prof. Dewey will sppear soon in the series of University Phiïosophical papers. Senator Palmer gave a dinner to President Angelí at Washington last Thursday at which the fish commissioners and most of the Michigan notables were present. Dr. L. G. Doane. medie, '71, now of New York city, has collected together the acting versi-m of a considerable number of plays sneient nd modern, many of which he recently prsented to the University library. The University has received a complete eet of Columbia college publications since 1843. The collection is an interesting one, coiisistin; of claís programs, resolutions, invitations, chapel music, the college year books, etc. At a meeting of the Engineering society last Friday night, the following officers were tlected : President, P. H. Richardson ; vice pres., L.M. Walker; cor. see'y., L. S. Williams; ree. sec'y., R. L. Sackeit; Treas., A. H. Smiih; librarían, F. M. Crocker. A programme committee of six was aiso appointed. At the meeting of the medical faculty last Monday, in view of Dr. Palmer'ëcondition and the vacancy produced, the nlty have recommended to the board of regents thi; appointment of Dr. Henry Francis Lyster of Detroit Dr. Lyster is a graduate of the literary department cf this University, class of '58, and medie, '60 ; was a surgeon in the regular army nd occupies now in the Detroit medical college a position corresponding to that held by Dr. Palmer here. He is also a tnember of the State board of health. The English rage is striking the University with considerable forcé : Dr. Parker has already been here and Dickeas i coming. Dr. Git bes, of our own importaiion, is expected early next montb, and the Oxford cap and gown will be sailing around in a few weeks like a strange dog in a strange land. But perhaps a moderate inoculation of the virus will prevent severer stRges of the disease. The freshmen at their meeting, Saturday p. m., adopted the cap and gown by a vete of 57 to 23, the seniora on the game day decided it should be their graduating harnesg, and the sophomores resolved to adopt it if Êfty members of the class could be fonnd to decide in its favor. Yes(erday, however, the seniors rescinded their action by a large majority.


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