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A Tornado's Fury

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New Tora, Dec. 20l- A Iittle Rook (Ark.) special to the lierald gay 8: A special f rom Cove, Polk Oonnty, reporte that a destructiva cyolone visited Arinstrong Academy, L T., Fort Washita and Oreea at an early hour on Saturday morninfr, cansing rsat destruution of property and loss of life. The following are the oasualtiea as far as known: Killed- Frenoh Adams, United States army, Waahita; A. II. Z Lincoln, Washita; Uenderson Jack, Green; iwo children, names unknown. Injured - William Covington, Armstrong Academy; Henry Walt, Waahita; Mra. Wait, Washita A terrino rnmbling Bound was heard , atout 5 o'ciock. It startled the few settlers trom the r sleep only to awake them to the horror of impending death, A heavy black cloud, funnel-shaped, was sea in the difitance and rapidly npproachln. When abont a mile nortti of Fort Wasklta lt Btrnck the graund aud front this point eouth for miles the work of ruin waa continued. The oyclone trareled at abont the rate at a mile a minute. In an instant trom tha time it struck the earth, half the houses in Fort Waehita were in rulns. Light oathouses and dwellings were picked up and made into kindling wood by the fury of tha wind. Armatrong Academy was not prreatly injured, but ranchers in the immediate nelgaborhood suffered greatly. At Ureen, a litUe hamlet six miles soath of Armstrong, the dam.ige was very heavy and many persons were injured. Beventeen houses and a general siore wore carried away bodily, while horses and oattla within the territory oovered by the stonnking were killed or maimed. Tha damage at this time can not, of eourse, be estlmated, as the f uil extont oí the storm is not known. The two children killed at Green were enrried about sixty yards by the wind and dashed to the ground, mangled so as to be almost unrecognizable. Many cattle and other s ock were also killed by lightnlng. The storm only lasted about six minutes at any one point


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