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Washington, Dea 15. - In the Kenite jestrday Mr Morriil spoice at som3 length on his bill rel iting to fore gn inimigratioo, the principal objict of wjich, he explaincd, w s to ha ve the characer oL the immigru-uts examined by tbe United State-i Consul at tn port, of departure. He stated tluit neuriy onü-third of the population ot' the country was oomposed of forfiijjners.andexpressedadoubt as to the posslbfl ity of transformlng them into pood American atizeos B.Us were introduoed to denne the powers anJ duties of the Department of AgTloultore and to protect purch;isers in good faith of patented rtlcitfs. Mr. Hoar, trom the Comraitteeon Privileges and E ections, presented a report in the Weat Virginia case, which declares that Daniel H. Lucia is not entitled to hls neat, and that Charles J. Faulkner has been duly elected Senator from the State of West Virginia for the term of stx years, commeucing March 4, 1887, and íb entitled to a seat in the Senate. The oath of office was thereupon administered toMr. Fanlkner. Washington, Dea 16. - In the Senate yesterday bllls were introdnced us follows: To protect employés and servants engaped jn Inter-State commerce; to extend the general land and minmg laws over the Terrltory ot Alaska; to facilítate the settlement and development of the resouroes of Alasita, and to open an overhand commercial route between the United State, Asmtic Russia and Japan: to forlt'it LiuiJs granted to the State of Michigan for a raüroad from Marquette to Ontonagon. i Mr. 8:ewart advocatedhis bill providing for the issue of coin certificates to circuíate ás money. Adjourned to the 19th. Washington, Dec. 20. - In the Senate yesterday a memorial of the constitutional conenuio of the Territory of Utah, asking admission into the Union as a Stute, w;th copie of the constitution, was referred to Jhe Commitcee on Territories. Bills were Introduoed : Torcqui.-e that a residence of three years bhall be necessa.-y before an alien can declare his intention to become a Citizen of the United States and of two years ndditional before he shull have a right to vot, or hold office; to graat pensions to all Un:on pnsoners of wur conüned In Southern prlsoners for more than sixty days; for the collectiou of more aocurate 6tatistics of exports. enpgration and immiration; to prohibit the manufacture and sale of intoxicatlne liquors in the Distr cl of Columbia, and to aldln the establishment and temporary support of oommon schools. , Mr. Sherman gave notice that af ter the holidays he would address the Senate on 'the President's Messige. Mr. Pugh spoke ia favor of tariff re r'orm. Mr. Hoar in troiuceda joint resolution for the celebration of the centennial of the const tution. Washington, Dec. 21- Numerous petitions from various States were presented in the Senate yesterday in favor of Blair's IBrtncation.-il bilí, and also a petition from the citizens of Pennsylvania protesting mgainst the admission of Utah as a State. Bills were introduced: . To place the naiues of Mrs. John A. Logan md Mrs. Frank P. Blair on the pension roll at 'the rte of JW,O()O each a year; to quiet the title of settlers on the Di Moines river lande; providing that retail liquor dealers and cigar manufacturers and dealers who carry on their ibusiness without hiiving paid a special tax therefor shall be Hable to a fine of 15(10 or imprisonment in a county Jail for one year; to inercase to tTCpermontn the pensions of those who now 'received $."ü per month, under the law granting pensions to soldiers and sailors of the late war who are totally Uisabled; to gru .t one month'a extra pay for each ycar of enlistment to all officers o the volunteer armv in the late war who served the full term of their enlistment and were honorably dischurged; declarng that the act of June 9. 1880, relative to pensions, (hall be constructed as to inolude all offleers and enlisted men in the army and their widowa and minor children. The question of admitting Utah as a State cansed a warm debate between Senators JSdmunds and Cali. THE HOUSE. Washington, Dea 17.- In tbe House yeBterday a concurrent resolution was ádopted providing for the adjonrnment of Congress from December 22 to Jannary 4. A resolution of regret over the death of E. W. Kobertson, late a member-elect of the Fütieth Congress from LouiBiana, was adopted, aud as a mark of respectthe House adjourned until the 19th. Washington, Dea 20.- When the Honse met yesterday, the Speaker announced the appointinent of the Conimitteeon Bules, as follows: The Speaker, Mesera Randall, Mills, Eeed and Cannon. The House adopted a resolution referring to the Committee on Appropriations the report of the Court of Claims on the Frenen spoliation claims, with instructions to that committee to report all claims which have been deciaed favorable to the claimants in jthe General Deflciency biU. A number of resolAions looking to changes In the rules were then offered, after which the House adjourned until to-day. Washington-, Dec. 21.- Ia the Honse y esterday proiositionsto increase the memberehip of the Committee on Bules to seven and to provide lor a committee on the isthmus were inlroduced and referred to the Committee on Bules. Mr. Mills moved an adjonrnment, stating that he did so in order to enable the Committee on Bules to meet and decide upon a report The motion was agreed to. OTHEB NOTES. Washington, Daa 20. -The nomination of Mr. Lunar to be a Justice of the Supreme Court was before the Senate Judioiary Committej yesterday, but action w&8 deferred until atter the holiday recesa. Washington, Dec. 21.- The following nominations have been conËrmed by the Benate: Charles S Fairchild, of New York, !to be Secretary of tbe Treasury; üeorgeL Kives, of New York, Assistant Secretary of Btate; Isoao H. Maynard, of New York, AssiBtant Scretary of the Treasury; James W. Hyatt, of Connecticut, United 8tates .Treasurer; Bayliss W. Hanna, of Indiana, Minister to the Argentine Eepublia ( Washington, Dea 21.- The Administration Tariff bill, which will go before the Ways and Meaus Committee, with the indorsement of Speaker Cariisle, after the Jioliday receas as a basis of revenne reform, oontemplates a reduct:on of $62,000,000 annual revenue. Of this amount $50,000,. 000 is to come from the reduction of dutieB, chiefly on manufactures, and $12,000,000 from adding wool, salt, lumber, coal, etc, to the free list Washington, Dec. 21.- Governor John M. Thayer, of Nebraska, has sent a letter to the Nebraska Senators protesting against the confinnation of Ll Q. CL Lamn aa Justice of the Supreme Court. He alleges that Lamar was a bold and deflant rebel, and is not a fit person to interpret the conItitution. Mr. Oladstone will start for the nortb ot Italy December 20.


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