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Chicago, Dec. 21 .- Tüe Na:ional Prohibition pariy yesterday, tlirough its Executive Committee, issued the following cali: In accordance witta the act on of the National Committee or the Proh bition party, a National conventon will be held In Indianapolls, Intl., on Weanesday, June 6, 18S8, at 10 a. m., for the purpose of nom nating candidates for President and VicePresident of the United States, and for the transaction of sneh other business as ma? be properly presented. All citizens who belcvo wat the trafflo In lntoxicatlng drinks is a National digrare, that 11 that ït robs latKr, destroys capital, debauches society and eorrupts politics, that it doties restraint, Dreeda lawlessneBS and fosters anarohy; that it eeka to, and already to an alarming extent does, domínate In municipal, State and National government; that it threatens the safety of our homes and the perpetuity of our institutions, and that it ought to bo forever irohibited; who believe that to abolish the saloon will in a great measure abolish poverty, assist in solving the labor quest on, purify politics and add to the solidity of our ïnstitutions; wfco are convinoed that this desirnble reform nceds for its consummation responsable agency of apolítica! party clearly oominitted thereto as a matter ol principie, and not as a raatter of expediency; who favor a general and progressive system ol popular education; who wou ld amend our eleotion laws to secure greater purity of the ballot; who stand for a free ballot and a fair count for fcoth the white man of the North and the black man of the South ; who favor the protection of American labor and the American laborar; who would foster the agrxaltural interests; who believe that the ballot in the band of women will be thedeath-knellof the liquor trade; in short, all citizens, however they may differ apon other questions, who are agreed upon the wisdom and necessiiy of separate politica! action )n order to secure the overthrow of the rura power, are requested to onite under thie cali In eending representalives to the National convention at Indianapolis. Secretaries of conventions and State eommlttees should gend 1o the ch-.i nnun of the National Committee fnll iists of names and addresbea of all delegates as soon as selected. Pamuei, Dickie, Chairman National Committee. J. A. Van Fleet, Secretary.


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