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INSURANCE, REAL ESTÁTE AND LOAN AGBNCY OF A. W. HAMILTON Offices, No. 1 and 2, First Floor, Hamilton Block. Putles desiring to buy or aell Real Estáte wlll findlttothelradvantage tocall on me. I repro ent the following first-elass Fire Insurance Com pañíes, haylng au aggregate capital of over 18,000,000: The firand Rápida Fire Ins. 'o.. The Oblo Fnrmw's lia. o., (insares only dwolliiiKs). T The dermaii Fire Ins. '., The Concordia Fire Ins. .... The II izens' Fire Ins. '., The Wertchester Fire Ins. re, The Nilwankee Medíanle' Mutual I'ire Ins. Co., The Ni'iv llampshire Fire Ins. Co., The Amazon Fire Ins. Co. Ratea Low. Losses Hberally adjnsted tnd DrompUy pald. I also Issue Life and Investment Folíeles In the Conn. Mutual Life Insurance Company. Aets J55,O00,O0O. Persons desiring Accident Insurance, can have yearly Pollcles wrltten for them oí Traveler's Coupon Insurance Tickets lssued si Low Ratee in the Standard Accident Insurance O&mpany of North America. Mouey to Loan at Cnrrant Ratea. Office hours from 8 a. m. to 12 m., aad a to . m. ALBX. -W. HAMILTON, Hamilton Block. Adams Express Company. Letter from tbe Aftsistant Forrnng of the Delivery fwbject In nhlcll Thonsands ure deeply oncerned. Aboutflve years ago I suflered from palnful urinatlon and great pain and weakness in the lower part of my back, pain in the llrabs, bad taste in the mouth, disgust at food, and great mental and bodily depresslon. I live at '41 York street, Jersey City, and on arriTing home one night I found a copy of the Shaker Almanac that had been left during tho day. I read the article, 'What is Ibis Disease that is Coming Upon Us? " It described my symp toms and feelings better than I could if I had written a whole book. My trouble ws ii.deed ' like a thief in the night.'' for it had been stealing upon me unawares for years. I sent for a bottle of Shaker Extract of Kootó, or Seigel's Syrup, and before I had taken one half of it I feit th welcome relief. In a few weeks I was like my old self. I enjoyed and digeated my food My kidneys soon recovered fcine and strength, and the urinary trouble vanished. I was well. Millions of people need some medlcioe simply to act on the bowels. To thtm I commend Shaker Exiraet in thestrongest possible lerms. It 18 the gemlest, pit asautest, safést and surest purgativo in thls world. The most delicate women and chilrtren may take it. One point more : I have all the inore conflrtence in this medicine because it is prepar d by the Shakers. I may claim to be a religious man myself and I admire the Sbakers for their zeal, con-Mency and strict business integrity. What they make may be trusted by the public. W. H. Hall. For sale by all druggists and by A. 1 , White, M Warren street. New York.


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